3 Easy Ways to Control and Automate a Light Switch without a Neutral Wire

3 Easy Ways to Control and Automate a Light Switch without a Neutral Wire

You may have already discovered that most Z-wave light switches (like this one) require a neutral wire for them to work. (This is usually the white wire that might be in the back with a connector on it) A standard light switch does not need power constantly because it does not communicate back to the main system. But Z-wave light switches typically require that you dig the bundle of white neutrals that is tucked in the back of your light switch box out and connect it to your new smart light switch. If you discover that you do not have one, then what do you do?

Here are 3 simple suggestions of what you can do to automate lighting without a neutral wire.

1. Get a smart light bulb. This is by far the easiest option. If you are looking to control a lamp, or a light fixture, or even several lights, just replace them with z-wave light bulbs and then you can control them anytime and put them on a schedule. (You will have to leave the switch on at all times though since they need permanent power so they can stay in communication with your smart security system. Just put your system in learn mode and then turn the power on and turn the bulb off and on and it will detect it and allow you to start using it with your system.

2. Get an easy install z-wave light switch. These mount directly on top of your existing light switch so anyone can install them and there is no wiring involved. Just take off your light switch cover plate and put this on top of your switch. It has a learn in button on the back you can push once your system is in learn mode.

3. Install a Lutron light switch and gateway. This is a little more complicated solution but it does not require a neutral and it integrates with Alarm.com and ADT Control. You just need to first add a gateway and then you can add light switches that communicate to the gateway. You can then add the gateway to one of the apps above.

I hope these three tips to help you automate your lighting are helpful. Please let us know if they have helped you if you have any tips to add, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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