How Do I Set the Date and Time on an ADT Alarm System?

Did your power shut off and cause the date and time on your ADT alarm system to reset? No worries, let’s run through how you can quickly set the right date and time on an ADT alarm system and get things working!

replace my old adt cameras -How to replace your old analog adt cameras with the new hd cameras

How Do I Replace My Old ADT Cameras with New HD Cameras?

There are several reasons why you may want to update your old ADT security cameras with new HD cameras like the 2MP ADT Dome Camera or the ADT HD-TVI Bullet Camera. They may be old, out of date with the current technology, or

How to Power Cycle My ADT System

Has your ADT system encountered an issue, like a “103 Check” error code or displaying “FC” (meaning failed connection), and you don’t know how to get it working like normal? You may need to power cycle your ADT system. But

ADT Wireless Outdoor Siren

How to Add an Outdoor Siren to your ADT QuickConnect or ADT TS System

How to Add an Outdoor Siren to your ADT QuickConnect  or ADT TS System If you are like the many people that want to add an outdoor siren to your ADT QuickConnect or ADT Pulse TSSC System , you have come

How Do I Add Another Keypad to My ADT Security System

Adding an additional keypad to your ADT Security System is a convenient way to manage the security of your home or business. For many people with security systems installed, adding an additional keypad in a different location allows the user to have

How to add adt devices

How to Add Parts to My ADT Pulse System

Keeping your home or business protected is more convenient and secure than ever with an ADT Pulse system, which allows you to be in complete control with your smart phone and internet access. And guess what? Adding additional equipment to your

Why can’t I see my Cameras from my phone app anymore

Why can’t I see my Cameras from my phone app anymore? So…Your camera app is not working. Here are a few steps to take to troubleshooting the problem. Did you get a new router or internet service? If so you

Interlogix Concord Frequently asked questions

GE Interlogix Concord Panel: Frequently Asked Questions

Does your security system run off of a GE Interlogix Concord Panel? Whether you’ve had your GE Interlogix Concord panel for a while and want to brush up on some of its amazing features or if you just recently installed

How do I know what kind of ADT system I have?

How do I know what kind of ADT system I have? Is your home or office outfitted with ADT’s top-of-the-line security system? You may have a couple questions about your system down the road or want to upgrade your hardware

How to monitor your Freezer with ADT Pulse

Why Monitoring Your Freezer is Important Maintaining  the best possible temperature in a freezer or cooler is critical. If the temperature is either too cold or too warm, you can waste food and money because of spoilage. Each year, Americans

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