The new 2GIG GC2e Control Panel with a new elegant industrial design that blends in with today's lifestyles. This panel sets the standard for exceptional performance that delivers true peace of mind. With our enjoy the proven performance and trustworthiness of the original 2GIG GC2 panel, along with new features that make life as a dealer even easier. Furthermore, with improvements like eSeries encrypted compatibility, an entirely new sleek design, larger capacitive touch screen, as well as our best-in-class 2-way voice, homeowners and dealers alike will appreciate the peace of mind they get from their 2GIG GC2e experience.

Protect the things and people you love with the Smart Home Base Station. The smarter way to know what’s happening at home: An all-in-one security system that comes with Amazon Alexa built in. It’s do-it-yourself security made easy, that you install and control yourself, and that grows with your needs. Unfortunately, this product is currently Out of Stock. For more options, You can Click here for the full smart home kit.

Unfortunately, this product is currently Out of Stock. For more options, you can check out our available here in the shop. The Smart Home Security Starter Kit provides the smarter way to know what’s happening at home. It’s do-it-yourself security made easy, that you install and control yourself, and that grows with your needs. Furthermore it comes with a built-in Amazon Alexa already in the system.

The new DSC Dual-Path LTE Communicator which includes a Verizon SIM card and built-in Z-Wave Plus and Image Sensor technology. Several cellular carriers have already announced their plans to sunset their 2G/3G networks between 2019-2022. Existing installations are already experiencing connectivity challenges across the country as carriers begin network modifications in preparation for the sunset. In comparison, continued improvements with most carriers having LTE coverage have the same or better than their legacy networks. By adopting the DSC Dual-Path LTE Communicator today, you can have peace of mind that your connectivity will remain in place for years to come.

ADT Kwikset Smartcode Touchscreen Deadbolt with Home Connect technology enables the lock to wirelessly communicate with other devices in home. Furthermore, this lock allows the user (through a third-party smart home controller) to remotely check the door lock status, lock or unlock the door as well as receive notifications. SmartCode is a one-touch locking motorized deadbolt. With your personalized code, you can also enter your home with the convenience of keyless entry and the back-lit keypad provides increased visibility. In addition, SmartCode is easy to install, program and use, and operates on 4 AA batteries. It also features SmartKey Security as the back-up keyway.

The ADT Command Zwave WiFi Module allows the ADT Command Smart Security or Hybrid control panel to communicate with the ADT Command Secondary Color Touchscreen Keypad. In addition to communicate with Amazon Alexa via Wi-Fi along with the other hybrid keypad. The module connects directly to the control panel and powers as a result of the control panel's connection. Furthermore, it is also intended to provide compatible ADT control panels with a Wi-Fi connection as well as connection with and the ability to control Z-Wave devices.

The ADT Control Garage Door Controller is a Z-Wave Garage Door Controller that allows you to remotely control any garage door that has an opener on it.  You'll also get the garage door tilt sensor which will notify you if you've accidentally left the garage door open. This sensor is also installed on the garage door itself instead of on the opener. Furthermore, this unit, like most other Z-Wave devices, will act as a repeater for the local Z-Wave network and strength the security of all devices.