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RC8325 & RC8326 ADT Pulse Cameras Replacement plug works best when used to supply power to security cameras that run on 12 volts just like the ADT Pulse Cameras.  This is usually enough power for any single camera. Furthermore, the replacement plug is 10 ft long. Also, this is only if you are not getting the power over the Ethernet. The ADT Pulse Cameras it is compatible with are the RC8326 and the RC8325. Consequently, this ADT Pulse Replacement Plugs is not compatible with are the OC810, RC8025 and the iCamera-1000. These cameras use this plug here.

Intelligent noise reduction reduces bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 50% The 5MP Indoor Panoramic Dome Camera is a discreet, aesthetic, panoramic camera in a compact design. In addition, the 5MP sensor operating at 15 fps provides full panoramic surveillance with complete area coverage as well as fine details. The camera also offers full situational awareness and simultaneous E-PTZ views in high resolution with your NVR. Furthermore, when mounted centrally on a ceiling, the 360° camera lens gives complete wall-to-wall coverage.

The Luxul Outdoor AC1900 Wireless Bridging Access Point combines leading-edge dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology with high output power. In addition, you can use two or more Wireless Outdoor Bridging APs to provide connectivity to remote locations such as an outbuilding or guest house. You can connect IP cameras as well as other devices. The reliable and rugged IP-65 rated design also offers flexible pole or wall mounting options—making it a great choice for delivering superior outdoor wireless bridging as well as coverage.

The 4K 8MP Fixed Matrix IR Bullet Camera 2.8mm allows remote users to have a wider scenario for surveillance. The 1/2.5" Sensor delivers 8 Megapixel Full HD Resolution images with detailed views and clear visibility in all lighting conditions. The Day and Night function helps the camera adapt to low lighting conditions by using a mechanical cut filter called an IR cut filter or ICR. 3D DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction with a 3D filter) filters noise even more effectively from the image, even in low light conditions.

The 4MP Eyeball Dome Camera is constructed with a 2.8mm lens. This 4 MP Camera is IP67 rated and provides HD Image quality. Additionally, it's ideal for numerous indoor/ outdoor applications such as commercial applications, home, or office use as well as monitoring hallways, unattended storage areas, and various other installation applications. Additionally, you can also view our 4 MP bullet camera here.

Flir 4MP Fixed Vandal Dome Camera offers exceptional performance, providing brilliant image clarity and an incredible level of detail in recordings. In addition, True WDR capability up to 100dB ensures excellent image quality around-the-clock. Furthermore, Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations (IP66 rated) as well as cold climates (-22°F/-30°C) with your existing NVR.

The 2MP Varifocal Panorama Camera is a vandal-proof network security camera offering up to 30 fps at 2- Megapixel resolution. With its unique design and inconspicuous appearance, the camera is suitable for a wide array of environments. In addition, it features 360° horizontal panoramic views with adjustable tilt angle. So, the camera allows users amazing flexibility of viewing angles and options. For additional mounting and Smart Control (as shown in the picture), we have the all new Wireless Video Station available here.

The Honeywell 4K Fixed IR Bullet Camera 8MP is perfect for any type of security installation, from complete area coverage to high resolution. It also includes True Day/ Night Indoor/ outdoor camera for any scenario. In addition, the series also provides excellent picture quality at minimal bandwidth while offering maximum protection against dust, dirt, as well as water.  It also boasts sleek, modern designs, and it offers up to 4K high definition images. Furthermore, this camera is additionally suited for a wide range of security applications. It can also be retrofitted on many existing DVR/ NVR installations without requiring additional storage.