Smart Video Cameras For Your Business

Smart Video Cameras for your business

Smart Video Cameras For Your Business

Imagine you can see what is happening at your business even when you aren’t there. Well, with our Smart video cameras, you will never miss an important moment.

Check in on your business anytime with live stream video and stay connected no matter where you are. You just need an internet connection at your business and either a POE Switch or a WiFi Gateway. There are smart POE wired cameras and there are smart WiFi Cameras also. The PoE cameras just need a cat5 or cat6 wire ran to them. The WiFi ones just need an outlet to plug them in.

Perimeter Protection

Extend Your Business Security with Perimeter Protection powered by video analytics. With these smart video analytics you can actually set your video to alert you when something important is going on and you will have much fewer cloud recordings.

They use advanced AI and computer vision so they can know and identify what they are looking at. As time goes on the cloud just gets smarter and smarter making it even easier to identify what it is looking at.

Smart video cameras can tell the difference and alert you when it sees vehicles, animals, or people. The way this works is alot like teaching a small child. When they are correct you reward them and acknowledge it. When they are wrong, you point it out as well. Over time it learns and gets better and better at telling the difference between a person and a tree or a car and a rock, etc…

With smart video cameras they will Ignore changes in weather or lightning so you do not get flooded with alerts or fill up your cloud recording without reason. This is amazing because most cameras will record when there is any pixel motion. They will see a shadow move, a leaf blow, or a rain drop and record it all. This makes it so you cannot ever set up alerts since you do not want a million of them. It also makes it easier for you to find the clip you are wanting to see instead of looking at hours and hours of nothing.

With smart video analytics you can set up trip wires or detection areas. These help you make sure you are not recording areas that are of no importance to you. They also help make sure that your alerts are ones you really care about.

You can set it to alert you only when your security system is armed, or all the time. You can choose what alerts you get and when. This makes it even nicer especially if you only want alerts after hours. When you set up alerts you can see who is at your business after hours to make sure it is someone that should be there.

If you have important property outside you can protect it with intelligent alerts. You can also know if someone is dumping illegally on your property or inside your dumpster.

You can also know about important activity at your business like if a delivery came, or when an employee arrives to work. You can also know each time an employee enters a sensitive or secure area.

When the alarm system reports an alarm, the smart video cameras will start recording allowing you to see what happened before and after the alarm went off.

Stay connected to your business with Smart Video Cameras.

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