4 Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi

4 Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi

4 Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi:

Whether you have bad connection or good connection, we can help you improve your Wi-Fi from where it is at currently. This will also help general problems in connecting Wi-Fi cameras/Wi-Fi equipment.

If you have ADT pulse, they use a cloudlink which creates a private Wi-Fi connection for ADT Pulse Cameras. The only way you can improve the Wi-Fi connection to an ADT Pulse camera is by adding an ADT Wi-Fi extender. You can also add any of the ADT Pulse Cameras that are there and they will connect to that private network.

Whereas cameras such as the Alarm.com or ADT Command Cameras uses your Wi-Fi network. If you have a bad connection to your Alarm.com or ADT doorbell I recommend you improve the Wi-Fi at your house by one of these options.
If you are looking for longer range, check out our blog post here on How To Connect Your WiFi Or Camera Over A Mile Away!

Follow These 4 Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi Below:


1. Get a WiFi range extender
  • The primary advantage of using a wireless extender is that it is the easiest and lowest price way to try to improve a wireless cameras connectivity. The further a camera is from the wireless router, the weaker its wireless signal will tend to be.  An extender is usually placed somewhere in the middle between a far away camera and a router. Weak signals can result in slow or intermittent connectivity.
  • A Wi-Fi range extender is one of the cheapest options, however if the signal is still bad it will just extend the bad signal. So make sure the extender has a good signal while still trying to reach other areas.
2. Get a better Wireless Router
  • If you have an old router or one that is leased by the internet provider, you might want to get a new one that can handle faster speeds.
  • Also, if you have a router that does not have dual bands you might want to replace it with a new one.
  • Depending on the size of the home or business, the speeds you are paying for internet, and the number of devices you are connecting to the internet, you might want to get a new router.
3. Get a Wireless Mesh network router
  • If you need to cover a larger area than a single router will reach and cannot run a wire for an access point, a mesh network set up works best.
  • A mesh network is better than a Wi-Fi Range Extender because every device connected through a mesh network communicates to each other through nodes which creates faster traffic unlike a router.
4. Add a Wireless Access Point to your existing router if you have an ethernet cable
  • If a router cannot cover an entire home or business you will want to use cat5 or cat6 wire to run to one or more access points. This is the best option for providing the fastest and best wireless coverage. Since they are all wired back to the main router you will have a better connection than what a mesh network or an extender can provide. This also might be a good reason to upgrade your router to one that works with access points better. If you cannot get a wire connection from the router to an access point you would want to consider a mesh network or a wifi range extender.
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