What to Look for in a Security System for Your Car Dealership

What to Look for in a Security System for Your Car Dealership

In 2019, there were 38,561 identity theft reports related to auto leases and loans. It’s difficult for car dealerships to handle this type of theft, but what about burglaries? When you have the right business security system, you can protect your dealership. Read on to learn about what you should look for in a security system for your car dealership.

Burglary Prevention

Commercial burglaries are more likely to occur than residential burglaries and the value of stolen items is higher for businesses! Most businesses post their hours on the front glass which advertises the times that no one will be at your business also. In addition, if someone breaks in and finds the keys and takes a car there is so much hassle to repair the broken door or window, find the car, etc… This is why you need to look for a business security system that can protect against outside and inside burglaries.

Security systems that have video surveillance, door sensors, motion detectors, sirens, and more provide 24/7 monitoring and deterrent. This can effectively reduce your odds, slow the rate of theft while increasing the chances that you can retrieve the goods that were stolen.

Dealership break-ins have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic because thieves are targeting them more. Without the proper security system in place, thieves can get into the building, steal keys, and make their way off with your vehicles.

Vandalism Prevention

A business security system is also necessary for combating vandalism. Graffiti and destruction of property can cause car dealerships thousands of dollars. Broken glass or doors or changing locks are common expenses when there is a break-in. A security system with 24/7 monitoring can alert you when someone is on your property after hours. A system with an alarm can hopefully scare off a criminal. If an alarm does not deter a criminal, video surveillance will give you a better chance of identifying them and helping the authorities catch them when they vandalize your business.

Access Restriction

There are many reasons you should restrict access at a car dealership. You have a lot of goods that need to be protected. But, there is more to security systems than security cameras and monitoring. Important places where only a limited number of people are allowed in can be more secure with security systems that have access restrictions. This could be the office area, a room with dangerous equipment, an area where files are kept, or a storage space for the vehicle keys.

Smart locks are beneficial along with video cameras and alarms in case an unauthorized person gets through. These system factors allow you to know who is coming and going from a certain area. You can rest easier knowing only approved people can get into the building or specific rooms.

Professional Installation

The last thing to look for in a security system is the right company to install it for you. Without a professional installation, you won’t have the best chance at keeping your car dealership secure. An Authorized ADT Dealer like Zions Security Alarms can install your system the right way.

The Best and Most Affordable Solution

Zions Security Alarms can help you get the most affordable and most advanced technology available today. With new technology able to handle very long wireless distances, a wireless system may be the best option since it can be more affordable than running wires or having multiple alarm systems in different buildings. You could potentially have one alarm system covering multiple buildings with wireless sensors.

Business Security Is Necessary for Your Car Dealership

There is a lot of effort, time, and money that goes into building a business. This is especially true for a car dealership owner.

The only way to protect your investment is by installing a security system in your business today. Not only will it protect your assets, but it can protect you and your employees’ livelihoods, too.

For free information about what our security systems can do for you, contact us today.

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