Make Your Home Smart With Geo-Fencing


Make Your Home Smart With Geo-Fencing

Geo-Fencing makes your home smart by allowing you to use location awareness to interact with your smart home system. With Geo-Services, automate home settings and initiate additional notifications based on the location of your iPhone or Android phone relative to your home, office, or any other Geo-Fence they have specified.

Geo-Services is layered into’s Interactive Services at no additional cost, allowing you to begin leveraging location awareness to enjoy greater system flexibility and even more relevant notifications. And it’s also compatible with ADT Command!

So if you have ever left your home and forgotten to lock the door, adjust the thermostat, turn off lights, close the garage door, or arm your security system, Geo-Fencing can be your new best friend. It can give you reminders or even do those things automatically for you.

Geo-enabled features include:


Arming Reminders

Location-based Arming Reminders lets you know if you leave the house and forget to arm the system.


Thermostat Automation

You can also have your thermostat automatically turn up or down when you enter or exit a specified Geo-Fence.

Video Recording

You can use Geo-Services to automatically pause video recording rules when you are at home.

  • Uses phone location as an input trigger for notifications
  • Set rules based on location information Built into ADT Command or’s Interactive Services
  • No additional hardware or equipment is required

The Geo-Services screens appears on the web and within our apps (iPhone or Android, running the latest version of the ADT Control or app) for those whose plan includes any geo-enabled feature. More information available on plans here.


Technology that’s going places

To take advantage of Geo-Services functionality, your customers with compatible phones can follow these simple steps:

  1. Enable Geo-Services on one or more phones. Log into the or ADT Control app from an iPhone or Android device and then enable Geo-Services under the Settings menu within the app.
  2. View and manage Geo-Fencing online. Log into the or ADT Control web portal and then go to Mobile > Geo-Services to view and edit Geo-Fences for the account. Create a “Home” Geo-Fence by default around the system address.
  3. Set up geo-enabled rules or notifications. Once you set up Geo-Services, then apply these settings to various rules and notifications as a result of the web.

For photo representation, see the picture provided at the top of the page. With Geo-Services, there’s the opportunity for increased customer satisfaction, increased RMR (recurring monthly revenue), and greater customer loyalty.


Manage Geo-Fences

Once Geo-Devices are set up, a Geo-Fence is created. A Geo-Fence works as a virtual geographic boundary used for Geo-Services. The default Geo-Fence is the address of the system’s installation location with a radius of one mile. To create or adjust Geo-Fences, the customer must use the Customer Website and follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your web portal.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Then click Geo-Services to view and edit Geo-Fences. A “Home” Geo-Fence is created by default around your security system address.
  4. Use the “Set up Geo-Features” links to then quickly create geo-fence-triggered Reminders.
  5. You can also apply geo-service settings to existing Rules and Notifications in the web portal.


Add Geo-Services rules and notifications

Once the customer enables Geo-Devices, they can configure desired Geo-Service rules or notifications. Some example of rules are arming reminders, thermostat override, and also pausing video recording rules.

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