Top Burlgary Fails you have to see

Top Burglary Fails of All Time

To burglarize and break into someone’s home or business takes a special kind of idiot. But these people take home invasion stupidity to the next level. I guess you could say karma is real, right? Let’s dive right into the

Stupid Criminals: 7 Social Media Fails

Everyone has that one social media friend who over shares. But most folks who treat Facebook like a diary are at least smart enough not to post anything that can get them arrested. The others clearly missed the memo. For

5 Tips to Stay Safe while playing Pokémon Go

Gotta Catch Em All: How Pokémon Go is Encouraging Crime and How You Can Stay Safe Pokémon Go has swept the nation and even the entire world… and while the popular app may be the best thing since peanut butter

Five Times Movie Characters Really Needed Better Security

Five Times Movie Characters Really Needed Better Security Spring means lighter clothing and lighter states of mind. That is why this week we wanted to keep it light and bring you a little security humor to lighten up your work week.

criminals getting it all wrong

Security Humor of Criminals Getting It All Wrong

Security Humor of Criminals Getting It All Wrong Often, the security industry is very serious. After all, crime and security are serious issues. However, sometimes a person just has to sit back and realize that often a person embarks upon

sleeping burglar

Want to catch your burglar? Just make him get sleepy

Sleepy Burglars Are Not Funny – Or Are They? Is it an occupational hazard or do all of these hapless burglars suffer from narcolepsy? Whatever the cause, it seems that burglars everywhere are finding it hard to stay awake long enough to

dumb criminals

Stupid Crooks on Video

Stupid Crooks on Video Security Humor: The proliferation of security cameras has made burglary and even armed robbery more difficult to get away with. To be sure, there are ways for the crooks to try to defeat the cameras, such

security humor

Security Humor: Burglars tripped up by technology

Security Humor: Burglars tripped up by technology Modern technology has given criminals the opportunity to be stupid in ways that were once unimaginable in times past. These sort of stories give ample opportunity for a few laughs. The burglar who

home adt toilet security

Conan O’Brien airs ADT spoof commercial

  I got this from a friend in an email today and thought it was pretty funny. Be warned that it is potty humor and if that is not your thing I recommend just skipping to the next blog post.

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