Top Burglary Fails of All Time

Top Burglary Fails of All Time

To burglarize and break into someone’s home or business takes a special kind of idiot.

But these people take home invasion stupidity to the next level. I guess you could say karma is real, right?

Let’s dive right into the top burglary fails of all time, shall we?

Grab some popcorn and get ready for some bad puns!

    1. Brick Sandwich

This menace to society tries to break into a shop and ends up serving himself a little brick sandwich.

This attempted robbery turned into quite the headache, am I right?

    1. Break a Leg!

The old adage “break a leg” couldn’t be more appropriate. This poor chap limps away with more than just a broken sense of pride.

    1. Doggie Defense

This criminal probably wasn’t expecting to become the prey as he turned tail and ran.

Get it?

    1. This Is ‘Ladderly’ So Depressing

What’s worse than falling off a ladder trying to get away? Falling off the ladder 5 more times. His high hopes came crashing down every single time.

    1. Caught With His Pants Down

This burglar was quite literally caught with his pants down. His rear got more than its 15 minutes of fame I guess you could say.

    1. They Got Rocked

This can’t be real, can it? Both of these burglars got rocked!

    1. Timber!

I’m sure this bad dude wasn’t expecting the roller coaster ride out in the middle of the auto shop. “Have a nice trip, and see you next fall!”

    1. That Attempt Was Quite the “Trip!”

I don’t know what’s better: the burglar’s choice of pajama bottoms, the fact that he peeked his head in first before realizing his mask wasn’t on, or the fact that the curb in the street gave him an instant dose of karma.

    1. Not All Heroes Wear Capes

This little 2 lb. pup was all it took to deter a potential break in. This guy went running with his tail between his legs.

    1. Just a Little Wardrobe Malfunction

This dude’s planned robbery didn’t go like it did in dress rehearsals. He can’t seem to get his mask on before giving the camera a sweet view of his poor face.

All Joke’s Aside

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