Criminal Karma – The Best 2018 Fails So Far

Criminal Karma – The Best 2018 Fails So Far

Criminals… they’re the worst, right?

Sometimes their logic isn’t the best. Sometimes their plans aren’t the most thought out and as a result, sometimes their criminal karma gets captured on camera.

Grab some popcorn, set your security system in “Stay” mode, kick up your feet, and enjoy folks. It’s time to witness some of 2018’s precious criminal Karma.

1. That’s gonna’ leave a mark

Ouch… Maybe these 2 will think twice about breaking the law, or maybe his buddy will take a brick to the face again. Only time will tell.

2. Man vs. Vending Machine

We knew it was off to a bad start when the guy completely covered his face with his jacket. This guy just got smashed with a bunch of alcohol, and probably not the way he was wanting…

3. Must be skipping the gym

Not even with a cinder block… these guys need to maybe just skip on the criminal activity and hit the gym instead.

4. The ground will always be there for you when you fall

This old man came in clutch with a smooth leg sweep, giving this armed criminal what was probably some nice road rash.

5. Look Out Below!

The guy gets a 10 for the flip…the landing, though? Not so much.

6. Gone with the wind…

Nothing like mother nature foiling a burglary with a well-timed gust of wind. The look on the man’s face is absolutely priceless as his hard-earned… I mean stolen cash… floats away.

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