Five Times Movie Characters Really Needed Better Security

Five Times Movie Characters Really Needed Better Security

Five Times Movie Characters Really Needed Better Security

Spring means lighter clothing and lighter states of mind. That is why this week we wanted to keep it light and bring you a little security humor to lighten up your work week. Let’s count down the top 5 times film characters really needed a little help in the security department… Ready? Here goes. 


Home Alone and The Wet Bandit Fiasco

A security system couldn’t have kept Fuller from wetting the bed but it would have saved the McCallister’s a lot on their feather, tar and paint can bills. Plus, if you are going to forget your son on a consecutive 4 vacations… you really need a backup plan. Plus, who in their right mind does this 4 times? Please put an alarm in and please put a bell around Kevin and please for the love of goodness sakes – take a parenting class.


Pointe Break and Classic Keanu

We are sure you remember that classic, 80’s movie where Patrick Swayze was busting up banks and ruining the names of perfectly good presidents. Yea… we do too. This movie was classic 80’s with plenty of surfing and plenty of crazy nostalgic action. Keanu Reeves infiltrating the adrenaline-loving gang sure made for good cinema but had the security systems at those banks been better… they might have gotten caught sooner and saved us all 2 hours of our life that we will never get back.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Our Favorite Whoo

Poor little Cindy Lou Whoo. Wasn’t she adorable? The Grinch took her tree, her tinsel, her roast beast… give the girl a break! To top it all off – didn’t you just want to pick her up and hug her when he slid that last candy cane away? They got robbed of all their Christmas loot and then the Grinch’s sleigh almost took out the whole town and his dog. Moral of the story is: Whooville is a dangerous place and it’s probably never going to make any top 100 neighborhoods list. DO NOT MOVE HERE. And Cindy’s parents? Well, they really need to look into getting some kind of set up over there in Whooville.


Toy Story

Remember that really annoying guy from Al’s Toy Barn who takes Woody from Andy’s mom and then attempts to sell him on the internet? Yes… this is a cautionary tale. If you have toys that sometimes come to life – you really should better equip yourself against Ebay moguls and really work at keeping your toys INSIDE the house.


The Matrix and Jedi Mind Tricks

Will it be the red pill or the blue pill? Listen… this movie would have been really boring with security systems that kept all those clone agents from infiltrating people’s minds but if this were real life – IF this is real life – then we would have really wanted to secure the perimeter… especially when those metal spider looking things attacked everybody.

Watching it all go down on our big screens, our Netflix and our smartphones is a great way to spend Saturday afternoon – but burglaries in real life aren’t so entertaining. Here at Zion Security, we really care about you and your family. We never want you to have to go through the stress of what a real break-in looks like. It is our hope that you never do. But if you need us, and you need a reliable way to keep your family safe, secure and comfortable, we hope you will contact us and let us tell you what we can do to help. It is our honor to be an vital part of what makes your family just a little bit safer so that you can rest a little easier… it’s why we do what we do.

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