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Top 5 Things Every ADT Customer Should Know (installed by Zions Security)

The top 5 things every ADT customer should know. There are five things that I try to make sure each customer knows before their new ADT Monitored system is installed. 1. Keep my information handy. If you need something after

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The top 6 questions asked about video surveillance and security cameras

As the costs come down and the need increases more people are looking for video surveillance or security cameras for their home or business. Here are the 6 most common questions I get about video surveillance and security cameras. How

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The Top 15 Questions about ADT Home Security Systems

We get lots of phone calls asking these questions about ADT, so we decided to do a blog post about them. No matter how good the installer does at explaining how to use the system or no matter how well

Common Questions about Home Security

Home Security Questions and Answers Q: Which is better hardwired or wireless? A:  It really depends on the application. Hardwired is almost always more expensive unless there is a ton of existing wiring. Most homes are not wired and thus

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