How to set up your MYADT account for easy payment and more

How to set up your MYADT account for easy payment and more

Welcome to ADT! One of the first things you will want to do is set up your account. It’s the quick and easy way to pay your bill, update your emergency contacts, check your alarm activity, get a certificate for your insurance company, and even order more yard signs and stickers.

How to set up your account

1. The first step is to go to and click on “Sign up in less than 60 seconds”

2. Then fill in your primary phone number on your account and your verbal password. Your primary phone number is going to be the home phone number or your cell phone number if you don’t use your home phone.

3. Select your address for your account. (It will show it so you can select it)

4. Fill in your information to create your profile.

5. Then confirm your email address account and that you want ADT to create your MYADT account.

And now you’re done! Now just log in with the email and password you just created.

What do I do now?

Once you’re logged in, these are the things you should do first.

1. Click on “MY ALARM” at the top of the screen and check your call list. Make sure the numbers are accurate and make sure you have multiple people listed so if your alarm goes off someone can meet the police at your home.

2. Once you’ve updated your contacts, click on “System Management” on the side gray bar. Then click on “Inactivity Alerts” on the top right. Click on “Submit” when the window pops up so that you can have an email sent to you if you haven’t tested your system in 30 days. Also, under system management is where you can go to test your system.

3. Go back to the main page by clicking “Overview” on the top middle blue bar.  If you need to print a certificate, you can do it by clicking on Certificates and then clicking on “Homeowners Insurance”. Fill out and send this certificate to your home owners insurance so you can get any applicable discounts to your insurance premium.

4. Look around at the other pages on You can view your last signals by clicking on “alarm activity”.

Enjoy ADT!

You’re now all set and ready to use your new ADT security system and monitoring. Come back and edit the settings in here monthly if you can to make sure they’re set the way you want. It won’t do you any good if ADT has the wrong phone numbers to dial when your alarm goes off.

It also won’t be good if you haven’t tested your system in months and you find out when that system needs a service call because it isn’t communicating. Be proactive and test your system monthly. (Just like those fun drills you had in elementary school!)


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