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Interface Module

CO and smoke detection into one device. Requiring less wiring and fewer back boxes than two separate devices. Connects up to 12 cells that can be easily replaced at end-of-life. Resulting in a much lower life cost than having to replace the entire detector. The interface module is very accurate when detecting CO and smoke signals. Allowing the Interface module to have an appropriate response from the central monitoring station.

Installation ease:

Interface Module connects up to 12 Smoke detectors requires less wiring than two separate devices. Installers can pre-wire its plug-in base, while its large wire-entry port and in-line terminals. Provide ample room for neatly routing wiring. The base accommodates several back box options and also direct mounts using drywall anchors. Interface Module connects up to 12 head plugs. That connects to the base with a simple Stop-Drop `N Lock™ action. When the detector’s CO cell reaches the end of- life. It can be easily replaced in the field without a tool.


  • Single Device for CO and smoke detection that uses less wiring and fewer junction boxes
  • Compatible with a wide range of control panels
  • Sends distinct smoke and CO signals to the panel
  • Sounds Temporal 3 for the smoke and Temporal 4 for CO
  • LEDs display both CO and smoke status
  • IR LED Provides extended range sensitivity testing
  • Versatile mounting allows for wall or ceiling placement
  • Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms provide false alarm immunity
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1 review for Interface Module

  1. Ryndell Manuel (store manager)

    Really amazing product with its functionality and reliability! Great service from Zions Security Alarms!

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