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The ADT Pulse Chime is used for when you have an ADT doorbell that is not hardwired and you still want to hear when someone rings your doorbell or alert you for any notification you want. There will be more features that can help you with home automation, you will be able to set alarms and you can change the volume. Note that this Chime is only compatible with the ADT Pulse doorbell. You can add many of these around your home to make sure you hear when your doorbell is pressed. Also, this chime only will work with the ADT Pulse and Command Systems, which also includes older ADT systems. You can only have 1 of these devices on each system. (update 10/15/21) You will also need to have the automation service to use the chime or you will not be able to enroll the device.

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ADT Pulse Chime

The ADT Pulse Chime can be used for when you want to hear a certain noise when someone pushes your doorbell, opens a door, walks in front of your motion detector, from when there is motion in front of one of your cameras, or when your alarm is going off.  You can change the volume and decide which of the 20 sound options you would like. You can add these around your home to make sure you hear when something occurs, you choose what.  You do need to have the automation service to use the chime since it is a z-wave device like lights, thermostat, door lock, or garage door. It is super easy to add yourself in minutes.

Ideas you could use this ADT Chime for:

  • Let you know when someone pushes your ADT Pulse Doorbell
  • Let you know when someone is outside your home
  • Let you know when someone opens a door or a window
  • Let you know when someone walks in front of a motion detector
  • And many other situations…

Different Sound Options you can choose from:

  1. Ding-Dong
  2. Low Ding-Dong
  3. Double Ding-Dong
  4. Canary Tune
  5. Wind Chimes
  6. Siren
  7. Burglar Alarm
  8. Positive Tune
  9. Violin tune
  10. Orchestral Tune
  11. Guitar Happy Tune
  12. Guitar Smooth Tune
  13. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  14. Christmas Special
  15. Christmas Sounds
  16. No More Candy
  17. Evil Laughing
  18. Zombies Moaning
  19. Witch
  20. Big Dog

Product Features

  • 20 Different Sounds to choose from
  • Volume control between 0-100%
  • It is only compatible with the ADT Pulse System
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 55mm x 55mm x 37.55mm
  • Power: 120 vac
  • Power Connection: Plugs into a standard power outlet
  • Operation Voltage: 120 v/60Hz
  • Connectivity: Wireless

Here is how you can add it to your pulse system

Here you can get an ADT Pulse battery pack if you cant hardwire the ADT Pulse Doorbell.

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    This is very useful.

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