Top 10 Burglary Fails That will Lift Your Mood

Top 10 Burglary Fails That will Lift Your Mood

While there are many competent thieves that can cause a lot of problems for your business, there are also some. . . less competent ones. So let’s take a look at our top 10 burglary fails that are guaranteed to make you laugh or at least shake your head. We can’t all be criminal masterminds.

10. Some strings attached

Most people know that display phones are wired to the cases to prevent theft. But it seems like this guy didn’t get the memo. As he tried to run with a stolen display phone, he was stopped pretty quickly by the attached wire.

9. That’s one way to avoid your wife

Some people are willing to do anything to avoid an argument. But in the case of Larry Ripple from Kansas City, his method was a little extreme. After an argument with his wife, Ripple went and robbed a bank, but didn’t flee the scene. When the police arrived, he turned himself in, saying he’d rather go to jail than be at home.

8. No one was thinking here

These two thieves in Spruce Grove, Alberta made a series of mistakes, but the crowning moment is probably when the woman tried to escape through the ceiling, and failed quite spectacularly. We’re really not sure what they were thinking at all, but at least their failure is pretty entertaining.

7. He’s armed and . . . dangerous?

Out of all the possible weapons to choose from to rob a convenience store, this guy chose a palm frond, which is not particularly intimidating. We’re not really sure what he was thinking but you have to give him points for creativity. And at least he kept his face covered. . .

6. Well, that didn’t work…

This thief saw a chance and he took it, and then he failed miserably. After throwing the rock at the door of this convenience store, the man panicked and ran off and tripped. Not sure what this guy’s plan was, but it obviously didn’t work.

5. But first, let me take a selfie

Top Ten Burglary Fails

It’s amazing how this couple really didn’t think things through. After John Mogan and Ashely Duboe robbed a bank in Ashville, Ohio, they proceeded to do an incredibly stupid thing: they took selfies with the stolen cash and posted them on Facebook. They were arrested pretty quickly after that.

4. That’s quite the fumble

This thief really messed up. As he attempted to hold up a store in Aurora, Colorado, the thief not only dropped his gun, but also his pants as he ran away. That’s got to be pretty embarrassing.

3. What an empty victory

This thief spent eight minutes crawling on the floor of Dominoes Pizza with socks on their hands to steal a safe. But here’s the joke: the safe was empty all along. Looks like that thief is in for one big disappointment!

2. That had to hurt

This clumsy thief in Westland, Michigan got a little more than he planned when an entire shelf came crashing down on him. This guy tried to remove a phone from it’s security device on a display case but instead ended up pulling the display case down on top of him.

1. The security device you didn’t know you needed

We have been having issues with people coming into our neighborhood to try and steal tools out of vehicles (And anything else they can get their hands on) Our flood light didn’t seem to scare them off, so we decided to have a little fun with a motion activated sprinkler that has an impressive amount of pressure 😂💦(For licensing and usage, contact:*Please join our Facebook Group to share your own sprinkler videos/stories: "Theft Management with a Splash"

Posted by Katie Camarena on Thursday, February 27, 2020

This would-be burglar definitely wasn’t expecting a shot of water to the face when they tried to rob a truck in a residential area. After dealing with burglars stealing tools from her truck, Kate Cameron, a southern California resident, set up a motion sensor sprinkler to deter thieves. And based on this video, it worked very well! This thief probably won’t be back.

These robbery fails are pretty funny, but dealing with thieves can be a frightening and frustrating situation. A security system and video surveillance can help prevent theft and give you the peace of mind you need. Contact us for a free estimate or any questions.

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