Releases New Video Doorbell With Analytics Releases new video doorbell with analytics Releases New Video Doorbell With Analytics

Ever since released its analytics feature for indoor and outdoor cameras the industry has been anxiously awaiting a doorbell camera that can also distinguish between a person, a vehicle, an animal, and the wind/rain. Now you can finally get one.

Aside from being able to implement analytics, the new Video Doorbell with Analytics has an expansive field of view allowing 150 degrees vertically while still having 115 degrees horizontally. It has a high resolution that is (1440×1920) and includes HDR for harsh lighting conditions (which can happen a lot with the sun rising or setting glaring into the camera). There is also IR night vision so you can see in dark environments as well.

Just like previous video doorbells it requires a wired connection to 16-30VAC, 10VA. It has a little power adapter that is wired at the chime unit though. It also has a 2×2 better antenna for improved Wi-Fi range and a built-in heater for the battery so it does not get too cold in low-temperature parts of the country. In addition, it has the ability to sound your chime when there is motion in front of the doorbell. (remember it is smart so not everything that moves will trigger a chime sound – and this is an option you can enable or diable)

Here are some comparisons of the other video doorbells. You can see the drastic difference between the new doorbell and the current/previous options available. You can see that the new Video Doorbell is slightly larger than the Round and Slimline models, but it has a much better image that is vertical to better fit your phone or tablet.

Two of the complaints from the previous video doorbells have been

  1. Its Wi-Fi Range is small and hard to get it in the very good range
  2. The motion recordings and alerts are too sensitive so it records tons of clips of nothing

There is a good chance these two issues will be resolved or improved with this new video doorbell.

With the vertical field of view, analytic capability, and HDR, this new video doorbell is sure to make some waves in the marketplace immediately.

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