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ADT Control Crash and Smash Protection

crash and smash protection

ADT Control Crash and Smash Protection

“The security system for your security system.”

When you hear the words ADT Control Crash and Smash protection, you may envision a service that keeps superheroes safe from a giant green rage monster whose hulking physique strikes fear into the hearts of everyone around him. However, as exciting as that would be, the ADT Control Crash and Smash protection that we’re talking about is a little less action-packed, but still a very big deal!

You might be wondering what a Crash and Smash is and why you would need protection from it. Well, here’s the short version: It’s when a burglar crashes through the front door, hurries to find your alarm system panel, and smashes it before it can send an emergency signal to your home monitoring service provider.

So, why would this destructive plan be one of the first choices for thieves? Because, unlike ADT Control, many security systems don’t have Crash and Smash detection technology. Therefore, if the burglar can get to the alarm panel fast enough to destroy it, they’re likely to get away undetected.

How this works is when you walk into your home, the alarm panel beeps to signal the entry delay timer. This timer is usually 30-60 seconds long to give you time to disable your alarm system, either by disarming it on your smartphone app or by walking to the panel and inputting your security code. It is during this entry delay period that your security system could be the most vulnerable.  If the panel is destroyed before the entry delay time expires, your alarm isn’t set off, an alert isn’t sent to the authorities, and your home is burglarized in a matter of minutes.

With the Crash and Smash technology, programmed in every ADT Command Panel as part of the ADT Control system, the period between the alarm being activated and an emergency signal being sent is protected. Your system detects when the entry delay countdown begins and takes note. If during the countdown your panel suddenly goes offline before sending a ‘disarm’ or ‘emergency’ signal, then ADT reports a suspected Crash and Smash event to your home’s central monitoring station. From there, the situation is assessed by a trained security professional who then alerts law enforcement of the Crash and Smash intrusion.

This advancement in home security technology ensures that your home and family are safe, even if your Command Panel is disabled or destroyed. The ADT Control Crash and Smash protection is just another advantage to choosing ADT for your home security.

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