2GIG Releases Dual Path Ability With New Firmware Release

2GIG Releases Dual Path Ability With New Firmware Release

2gig gc3 now dual path

The security manufacturer 2GIG just released it’s latest firmware update (V3.1.0.5572). As part of this new firmware, dual path ability is now available for its GC3 panel.

Want to know what dual path ability is and other updates with this firmware release?

2GIG Firmware Release For GC3 Panel

2GIG routinely releases firmware updates to make sure that its panel is up-to-date and optimized.

With this latest firmware release, the GC3 panel now has dual-path alarm reporting capabilities.

This means that the GC3 panel can receive updates through broadband AND cell network.

Why is this important?

Broadband connection is super fast. But in the case that there is a problem with your internet, like power loss to your router, IP conflicts, or other issues, the cellular network (path) will pick it up.

Additional Updates

Other noteworthy updates in this firmware release include the secondary touch panel now being supported. The GC3 could not have a second touchscreen before this.

The Bypass Door Window Sensor and Flood/Temp Sensor are now supported by GC3.

Lastly, more Z-wave devices like the Kwikset 914/916 locks and RCS TZ45 Thermostat are now supported, among other switches and lighting devices.

More About the GC3 Panel

The GC3 Panel by 2GIG is one of the best control systems. It features a 7 inch color touchscreen, and it’s equipped with one-touch arming. It also comes with several other features like an easy-to-see security status. Not to mention installing other devices with this panel is easier than ever.

Check out these other panel features:

  • Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  • Capacitive-touch buttons
  • 5-day weather forecast: Now you can get easily get the forecast for the upcoming workweek
  • Firmware Updates: Update the panel and add new features with over-the-air convenience.

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