Back Up Battery for Hardwired Security System 12V 4 Amp Hour

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This is the back up battery for hardwired security systems. This belongs in a metal box/control panel that is usually located in a closet or in basements. It is meant to be a 24 hour back up battery, but it can vary for each system since some systems use more power than others.

It should be replaced every 3-5 years to make sure that it continues to work properly and that you do not get annoying low battery messages on the screen and calls from the monitoring station. Be sure to check for corrosion as well.

All that is necessary to swap it out is to simply unhook the black and red wires from the old battery and connect them to the new battery.

If your hardwired alarm system (like a Safewatch Pro 3000ADT Premise ProVista PanelPowerseries, or Concord) says low system battery you will want to replace it with this battery.

This battery is smaller in length than the 7 amp hour battery.

It will not last as long if the power is out than the 7 amp hour.


- Dimensions -4.2"X 2.8"X 3.5"
- Weight - 3.12 Lbs
- Shipping Weight - 5lbs
- Warranty - 1 Year

Compatible with these alarm systems and others that may not be listed.

  • Ademco 4110DL/4110XM
  • Ademco Via 30+
  • Ademco Via 30PSE
  • Ademco Vista 10
  • Ademco Vista 10P
  • Ademco Vista 10SE
  • Ademco Vista 15
  • Ademco Vista 15P/PSIA
  • Ademco Vista 20
  • Ademco Vista 20HWSE/SE
  • Ademco Vista 20P/PSIA
  • Ademco Vista 30
  • Ademco Vista 50P
  • Ademco Vista 128
  • Ademco Vista 4111XM
  • Ademco Vista 4120XM
  • Ademco Vista 4140XMP
  • BHS 1200
  • BHS 1202
  • BHS 2000
  • BHS 3000C
  • BHS 4000A
  • DSC Power 632
  • DSC Power 832
  • DSC Power 864
  • DSC PC 1500/1550
  • DSC PC 1555/1575
  • DSC PC 1616
  • DSC PC 1832
  • DSC PC 1864
  • DSC PC 5020
  • First Alert 145C
  • First Alert 1220CV
  • GE Concord 4
  • ITI Concord
  • ITI Concord Express
  • ITI Concord Express LED
  • Safewatch EZ
  • Safewatch Plus Entrepreneur
  • Safewatch Pro 2000
  • Safewatch Pro 3000
  • Safewatch Pro 3000EN

If this battery does not match the one you have, check out our other batteries on this page. If you cannot locate your battery on our website, please contact us and we will find the right one for you.

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