ADT Premise Pro DSC Powerseries: The 15 Most Common Questions

ADT Premise Pro DSC Powerseries: The 15 Most Common Questions

ADT PremisePro 15 Most Common Questions Answered

Whether you just got an ADT Premise Pro DSC Powerseries Security System, or if you’ve had it for a while now, it’s always good to get to know your system better, so you can use all of its features and take care of it!

I’ve compiled some of the most common questions asked about the DSC Premise Pro Security System. Let’s run through them really quick!

ADT Premise Pro DSC Powerseries: Top 15 FAQs

1. What is the Stay button/what does it do?

The Stay button is an alarm setting that arms the perimeter (doors and windows) while bypassing the interior protection.

This setting is best used for when you’re at home and want to arm the entry points of your house, but want to be able to move around inside without setting off any alarm.

2. How do you arm in Stay mode?

To arm your system in Stay mode, simply press and hold the Stay button for 2 seconds. The “armed” and “ready” indicator signals will turn on.

3. What is Away mode/what does it do?

The Away button is an alarm setting that arms both the perimeter and the interior zones of your home or office.

This setting is best used for when you are leaving the location and want to protect all the areas of your home or office.

4. How do you arm in Away mode?

Arming your system in Away mode is simple. To arm your system, press and hold the Away Key for 2 seconds. The “armed” and “ready” indicator signals will turn on.

5. What is Night arming?

The Night mode is perfect for when you want to arm your perimeter and interior of your home or office and still allow yourself to move around inside in certain areas without setting the alarm off.

6. How do you arm in Night mode?

Once your system is armed in Stay mode, press the “*” button, followed by “1” on the keypad. This will arm in Night mode and allow you to move around in designated areas of your home or office known as night zones.

7. How do you disarm your system?

To disarm your system, just enter your access code.

8. How do you designate night zones or areas in your home that you can bypass?

To set up zones in your house to bypass (like for Night mode), here’s what you need to do:

  • Press “*” and “1” buttons on your keypad, followed by your access code if necessary.
  • Enter the two digit zone designated to the area that you wish to add to the bypass group. Then press the “*” button to select the zone.
  • To save, press “9” and “5”.
  • Press “#” to exit and return to the Ready state.

9. How can you generate a fire, panic, or auxiliary alarm manually?

To generate a manual alarm, press and hold “F” (fire), “P” (panic), or “A” (auxiliary) button for 2 seconds. The keypad sounder will beep, indicating that the alarm input has been accepted and the central station (if it’s included) has been notified.

You’ll want to make sure these alarm modes are included and set up in your system.

10. What type of alarm sounds are there and what do they mean?

There are a couple different alarm sounds, each indicating a different action:

  • A continuous alarm sound is indicative of a burglary.
  • A pulsed siren sound is indicative of a fire.
  • A sound of 4 beeps, followed by a 5-second pause and then 4 more beeps is indicative of carbon monoxide.

11. How can you turn your door chime on or off?

To turn the door chime on or off, press the Chime key (bel signal) on the keypad and hold it for 2 seconds.

12. How can you adjust the buzzer volume?

To adjust the buzzer volume, press “*” and “6”, followed by your access code. Then use the “<>” arrows to scroll through the 21 different volume levels.

13. How can you test your keypad sounder and siren?

To run a quick test on your keypad sounder and siren, here’s what you’ll want to do:

  • Press these buttons in this order: “*”, “6”, [Master Code], “4”.

Your system will then activate all keypad sounders and bells or sirens for 2 seconds. All keypad lights will turn on, the keypad will light all the pixels, and the Ready, Armed, and Troubled LED’s will flash during the test.

14. How often should your backup batteries be replaced?

We recommend that you replace your backup battery every 3-5 years. If you need a backup battery and would like to get one for an extremely low price, click here! If your keypad shows a trouble, push *2 and if it shows a flashing 1 then you need a new system battery

15. How do you change the brightness level of your display?

Here’s how to adjust the brightness:

  • Press “*”, “6”, followed by the master code.
  • Use the “<>” keys to scroll to brightness or contrast control.
  • Press the “*” to select the setting you want to adjust.
  • Use the “<>” keys to scroll through the levels.
  • To exit, press “#”.

Customize Your User Experience

Run through these top 15 most commonly asked questions about DSC Premise Pro questions, so you can take better care of your system, customize your experience, and take advantage of the features it offers.

If I happened to miss any along the way, go ahead and leave a comment below and I’ll answer it! For anything else you’d like to know about your ADT Premise Pro DSC Powerseries system, click here to check out the user manual!

If you want to replace a part or add a part for your ADT PremisePro you can go here to find the part or contact us. If you need a replacement battery you should be able to find it here.

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