ADT Retail Business Security Protection: 9 Benefits

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ADT Retail Business Security Protection: 9 Benefits

Being a retail business owner is stressful.

There are a lot of things you have to keep in mind. You have to make sure your employees show up, bringing in customers, and staying busy so you can grow your business. You also need to figure out how to increase your average order value, cut back on costs, manage inventory, and balance the business checkbook so to speak.

Add to that the fear of burglary, or damage to inventory or business equipment, and you’ve got even more stress on your plate.

With so much that can go wrong when trying to build your business, the last thing you want to do is leave your business’ security to chance.

Here are 9 ways ADT can help protect your retail business, so you can focus on what matters: building your brand and company.

ADT Retail Security Benefits

1. Helps You Meet Insurance Requirements

As a retail business owner, the first way getting an ADT security system can help protect your business is it helps you meet insurance requirements.

That’s right, insurance companies will require you to get a security system and fire alarm systems before they insure your business. ADT retail can help you out with that. 

2. Alerts You with Chime Sound Chime 

Are you or your employees constantly hopping around your store, leaving the front counter or entrance unattended? That’s the last thing you want to do. Think of unhappy customers having to wait, missing deliveries, and also leaving your goods at the front of the shop vulnerable to theft, etc.

Through ADT Retail, you can get a security system and keypad, with one of the benefits being a CHIME MODE, that signals when a designated entrance is opened.

Say goodbye to feeling uneasy as your employees have to run around your business location and possibly leave a customer waiting.

3. Gives You “Inventory Peace of Mind”

Your retail business is only as good as the products you have to offer, and while you’re out with your family, sleeping at home, or wondering about new hires and employees being at your location by themselves, you can always keep a watchful eye on your inventory.

How can you do that?

As part of a robust security system, video cameras, like ADT Pulse cameras, can be installed around your facility. With these video cameras, you can check in from your smartphone any time you are needing peace of mind.

4. Allows for Indoor and Outdoor Video Surveillance

In addition to resting easy about your inventory with the convenience of high-tech security cameras, you can also keep an eye on your entire business.

Adding indoor and outdoor video surveillance can keep you notified of any activities going on, day or night.

And even better, you can also set your system to record on motion or nonstop, so you can go back and review important occurrences.

5. Provides Convenient Solutions with Smart Security

A security system can make running your business easier and also help you save money.

You can get a security system that allows for smart devices like thermostats so you can control the temperature even when you’re not there.

Another great option is smart lighting where you can turn on/off the lights whenever you need to, and smart deadbolts where you can unlock/lock the front door in case you need to let in an employee or double check and make sure the business is locked up.

Last but not least, door and window sensors are great retail business security system devices that will keep you informed of any suspicious activity or potential break-ins.

6. Helps You Keep Track of Employees

A security system also helps you manage and keep track of your employees’ work schedule. How so?

You can set up a special security code unique to them that they can use when they show up to work and disarm the system, and once again when they arm the system before leaving.

7. Helps with Environmental Monitoring

An ADT monitored security system can help you keep your inventory safe from spoiling or becoming damaged, with devices like a wireless flood and temperature sensor.

With a flood sensor, this can help protect from water damage in your business. This can prevent damaged walls and flooring as well as save you money in inevitable repairs.

A temperature sensor can help make sure your inventory doesn’t spoil or ruin, especially if your inventory are foods and other perishable goods.

8. Helps Protect and Keep Employees Safe

You never know what your day-to-day will look like, especially when dealing with a variety of customers coming in and out of your business and interacting with your employees.

Devices like panic and hold up buttons can help keep your employees safe in case there is an emergency, alerting local authorities with the simple push of a hidden button.

9. Helps Manage Employee Access

With Access Control devices, you can easily restrict/grant/monitor employee access to certain areas of your business. These smart devices can also help you make sure your doors get locked when the last employee is out the door and you’re closing up shop for the day.

Additionally, Access Control devices can help save you from expensive re-key costs.

Keep Your Retail Business Secured

It’s time to say goodbye to needless stress and start protecting your retail business today, so you can place your efforts towards growing your brand, staying/or becoming profitable, and building your future.

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