The 24 Channel HD-TVI DVR is an Enterprise-level DVR intended for heavy-duty use. This DVR comes packed with channels, capable of supporting three different recording technologies simultaneously: HD-TVI, analog, and IP. Additionally, 24 HD-TVI and analog channels can record up to 15fps at 1080p or 30fps at 720p. 16 IP Channels can record up to 30fps at 1080p. There are also up to 128 connections for remote viewing, depending on the users' bandwidth/internet upload speeds. 24 channels of synchronous playback allows the user to view multiple cameras at the same time, getting multiple angles on a given object.

The 8ch DVR 2TB Dahua CVI HDTVI AHD allows you to record from up to eight analog cameras from HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD, or CVBS inputs, and up to four IP camera inputs via an Ethernet switch (available separately). This DVR can record analog video at up to 1080p resolution, or 5MP resolution when using IP cameras. HDMI and VGA outputs allow you to view footage live on a monitor (available separately).

The 32 Channel HD-TVI DVR  is a Platinum Enterprise Level 32 Channel HD- TVI DVR with RAID. It includes 1.5U case with 4 HDD interface and supports up to 40CH 4K(8MP) IPC input. The DVR also supports up to 4K (3840*2160) HDMI Video Output. The unit features four (4) SATA up to 8TB each HDD. Additionally, you can view our other DVR's here.

The 19 Inch LED MONITOR for DVR or NVRs is a professional grade widescreen LED 19” color monitor that offers BNC, VGA & HDMI inputs. With an additional BNC looping output, its versatility will allow it to work for any application. Boasting 16.7 million colors & HD 720P Resolution, this monitor will make your video come to life.

The Triple Hybrid TVI DVR is unique because most new installations are using high definition cameras vs the old analog cameras. This DVR is perfect for the home or businesses that have some older analog cameras but want to add on more cameras (or replace them all with HD 1080p), since those new cameras would most likely be high definition.  It can hold two hard drives up to 8TB in each. 8TB can last around 2 weeks if all 16 cameras are set to record on motion. It also has 2 USB 2.0 connections.

The DVR Lockbox with Cooling Fan is something often forgotten by customers when building their security camera system. This sturdy lockbox with unique keys will keep your DVR or NVR recorder safe from thieves and unauthorized personnel. It's made of 16 gauge steel and difficult to open unless you have the access keys. It also has an internal fan with side vents to keep your full size 2U DVR running cool. You can even use smaller size DVRs along with the power supply box inside this case. This lockbox is designed as a safeguard against theft, vandalism, or tampering of a DVR. So if you want to keep your DVR or NVR safe, this lockbox is the way to go.

This 4 Channel HD-TVI DVR comes with real-time live view and record.  You can connect up to 4 HD-TVI or Analog cameras and one IP Camera to it. Many people decide to add this to their ADT Pulse system after they have cameras and encoders but no DVR and they decide they want better longer recording. It's also a popular replacement for the old ADT DVRs like the A-ADT4HS2. Many people that have the old DVRs with analog cameras are looking to upgrade to HD and the best place to start is with the DVR.