The 5MP 2.8mm Fixed HD-TVI Turret Camera is an entry-level turret camera designed for indoor or outdoor use with your existing DVR. A 2.8 fixed lens can produce images at 30 fps at 1920x1080. IR, low lux provides clear, black-and-white images out of otherwise dark or low contrast settings. Furthermore, this HD-TVI camera carries IP67 protection standards, making it highly resistant to weather.

The 5MP Fixed HD-TVI Turret Camera delivers a high-performance surveillance solution. 1/2.7" CMOS Sensor delivers 5 Megapixel Full HD Resolution images with detailed views and clear visibility in all lighting conditions. The Day and Night function also helps the camera adapt to low lighting conditions. Additionally, built-in high-performance IR LED illuminators provide the ability to capture clear images of objects up to 131ft even in total darkness with your system.

Reduce power consumption with the energy efficient 5MP Fixed HD-TVI Dome Camera as it provides best quality surveillance with low power consumption. The camera features a 1 / 2.7" Sensor to capture clear images at up to Full HD resolution. Additionally, the HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) camera is capable of producing sharper images with more accurate colors as it converts the digital signals to analog ones and extends the transmission distance.  It also takes less storage capacity with your existing DVR. Built-in high performance IR LED illuminators provide the ability to capture clear images of objects up to 65 ft (20 m) even in total darkness.

The 5MP Varifocal HD-TVI Dome Camera is a sweet vandal-proof dome camera that can be used inside or outside with your system. With IR Leds you can see up to 131ft in the dark. It also works with Humidity 90% or less. Additionally, with a varifocal lens, you can decide if you want a wide or narrow view.

The HD-TVI License Plate Recognition Bullet Camera is a top-of-the-line license plate recognition camera. With 1.3MP, this camera is capable of producing high-quality, 720p video at 30fps. Six white-giant flux IR LEDs also light up to extend night vision range to 131ft. Combined with ultra low lux, this camera is quite capable in both day and night settings with your system. This makes it an excellent tool for capturing license plates both day and night.

Firstly, the Flir Dimimerge 2.1MP Dome uses the latest technology to deliver excellent 1080p picture quality over coax cabling in any lighting condition. In addition, Ideal for retrofit applications. Furthermore, the camera is also compatible with FLIR MPX DVRs offering an upgrade to HD resolution without the hassle of running new cables.

The HDMI Over Cat5 Extender converts a Cat5 wire to HDMI and vice versa. Therefore, you can still use a HDMI chord to view images transferred through a Cat5 cable. This will come in handy if you need to cover a great distance between a monitor and a DVR. The Extender also has both HDMI and Cat5 ports for easy plug in.

This Siamese Camera Wire comprises of both an RG59 Cable (used for video) and a 18/2 power wire (see picture above). This is what you need to wire your hard-wired camera to your HD-TVI DVR.  You can find a list of our compatible HD-TVI cameras here. It comes in 100 ft, 250 ft and 500 ft. quantities. Because all cameras use plugs, you need attach a Male Pigtail and a BNC Twist On Connector  onto your wire to ensure a successful attachment to your camera. We sell Siamese Wires with Pre-Made Adapters, which you can plug right in to your camera without extra hassle. You may also want to look at our Wire Strippers. You can view our other wiring products on this page.