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Outdoor Housing for Box Cameras


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The Outdoor Housing for Box Cameras is easily opened for camera installation by a latch on the rear of the case.  The latch can be secured with a pad lock after the camera is installed to avoid vandalism and theft.

The top of the housing’s case simply opens upward on hinges, allowing for easy access to the track where the security camera will be installed.Once the housing case is opened, the track that the camera attaches to can simply be lifted and removed by gently pulling it upward. With the track removed from the housing, it is very easy to mount the camera.

After the camera is mounted, the track can be installed back into the housing by pushing down on the tracl and snapping it into place.

With the camera track installed, the top of the housing should be shut and the latch secured.

Normally, the housing bracket is attached to the wall or location of the installation first, then the camera housing is attached to it as seen here.

The security camera’s power and video wire can be run out of the bottom of the housing’s case.

Outdoor Housing for Box Cameras Specifications:

Type: Outdoor Back Open Camera Housing
Material/Color: Aluminum/ Beige
Dimension:  14.58″ x 5.6″ x 4.53″
Suitable Camera Size:  11″ x 5.6″ x 4.5″
Weight:  2 lbs

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