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ADT Miniature Magnet is a replacement magnet for the ADT Hardwired Window Sensor. As other magnets comes in (2) colors, the ADT Miniature Magnet also comes in (2) colors so that you can match the color of both pieces of your mini magnetic contact. If you have the white contact, you should choose the white magnet to match. If you have the  brown contact, you will want to say a little prayer we can still get them in brown. There is mainly only white available.

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ADT Miniature Magnet is a replacement magnet for the ADT Hardwired Window Sensor. It will work with any alarm sensor though, wired or wireless.  It is mainly used for windows but can be used for sliding doors or any other door if it fits with the molding and the door sensor.

Make sure that when you install your replacement magnet, you do not exceed a 1” gap between the contact. You can use the included adhesive tape to mount the ADT Miniature Magnet to your door or window. If you would like a more permanent installation; use screws to secure the magnet to your door or window.

Magnets work with alarm system sensors using something called a reed switch. When a magnet is brought close to the reed switch it completes the circuit thus showing a normally closed zone as closed. If the zone is open, then the circuit is not complete.

If this magnet does not match the one you have, take a look at our other magnets on this page. If you cannot locate your magnet on our website; please contact us and we will find the right one for you.
Please check out our YouTube Channel for more information.
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