The New Honeywell Lynx Touch is now available!

The New Honeywell Lynx Touch is now available!

It is available starting today! If you want to upgrade your old Lynx with the new one the cost for the new keypad is $200. If you want to add WI-FI it is $100 to add and Z-Wave is $50 to add. (Plus installation costs unless you are brave enough to do it yourself).New Lynx 5100 Touch

Why do you want WI-FI on your alarm system? Because then your alarm will transmit signals that way first and use your phone line or cell radio if the internet is not available. It will also give you remote access so you can control your alarm system from internet or smart phones like iphone or android. All you need to do this is get the application called Total Connect 2.0.

Why do you want Z-Wave on your security system? Because it empowers you to control your home and environment. If a manufacturer makes something that speaks Z-wave it can be controlled with the alarm system via your iphone. The most common devices people like to add are thermostats, dead bolts, and light switches.

Thermostats are great to add because they empower you to save on energy costs. You can set your thermostat to automatically change temperature when your alarm is armed. You can also cool down or warm up the home when you are on your way home so it will be comfortable when you arrive. Since the thermostat controls the largest utility expense most people have each month you gain the ability to potentially save around 25% off your monthly bill.

Deadbolts are another great Z-wave device to add to your security system. They give you the ability to let someone in the home when you are not there. If you have a Z-wave Deadbolt you can set it to automatically lock when the alarm is set. You can even have the alarm automatically arm when the deadbolt is locked. All very cool features that are empowering and inexpensive to add.

Light switches are the next Z-wave device that people like to add. How many times are lights left on at your home? If you have z-wave light switches you can control those lights when you are not home from the alarm system via the smartphone or internet. You can set certain lights to turn on at certain times and off at others. You can set all lights to turn off when the alarm is armed to make sure you save on your power bill. So many people are concerned about getting lower power consumption lighting (flouresant and LED) but many people leave their lights on when they are not home. This can also save you around 10% on your power bill.

These are some of the very exciting things that can be done with the new Lynx Touch. Not to mention temperature and traffic updates on your keypad and the ability to have a wireless color touchscreen tablet. ADT still has not approved this new keypad but hopefully soon. Call us today or fill out the form to your right with any questions or updates.

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