The evolution of the Honeywell Lynx Keypad


The evolution of the Honeywell Lynx Keypad


I have been in the alarm industry for over 13 years. When I first got introduced I was trained on this keypad called the LynxREN.  (Shown on the right) It was pretty cutting age stuff.

Many years later they came out with an improved model called a Lynxri. A couple years later it became a Lynxr2. I do not think there were very many improvements other than the look changed slightly.


The best change finally happened around 2 years ago when Honeywell came out with the Lynx plus. It was much smaller and came with an alpha keypad. It also had the ability to have a cell radio installed inside the keypad. Very awesome improvements. In this post, you will see the evolution of the Honeywell Lynx Keypad has changed and improved over the years.



Then around a year later Honeywell released the Lynx Touch.  The touch has some very good improvements over the plus. The most that are the most useful are the fact that it has 64 zones instead of 40 like the plus. Also you can add internal WIFI and Zwave boards to the Lynx Touch, but cannot add them to the Lynx Plus .


The Plus and the Touch are what are used today.

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