Instant Connect Monitoring Chat Makes Handling Alarm Calls Easier

Instant Connect Monitoring Chat Makes Handling Alarm Calls Easier

If you have not heard there is a new way that the Monitoring Station is reaching out to customers when an alarm event takes place. It is called Instant Connect and what it does is send you a text and connect you with anyone else on your call list so you can choose to dismiss or dispatch the authorities.

When your alarm system is triggered and you do not disarm it in time, then the monitoring station will call you. If they cannot reach you they treat the alarm as a real event and dispatch authorities. In an effort to reduce false alarms and make it more convenient for you, we have instant connect. Before the monitoring station calls you they will send you a text message with a link to an instant connect chat window. When you click that link and connect to it you are able to chat with anyone else on the call list and choose to dismiss the alarm or dispatch the authorities.

If you ignore the text invitation to do this you will still be called on the phone and have a verbal opportunity to cancel the alarm.

Putting everyone together on the call list helps determine quickly what action should be taken. Once the request is sent to the monitoring center there will be a confirmation that it was received and the appropriate action taken.

If you need to request a service call you can also do that and the information will be passed along so that we can see how we can best help find a solution to any alarm event problems.

If you have any additional questions please let us know.

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