Honeywell’s Tuxedo Touch is the first Honeywell Keypad that adds Zwave Home Automation

Honeywell’s Tuxedo Touch is the first Honeywell Keypad that adds Zwave Home Automation

Honeywell has finally joined the Z-wave home automation craze with its introduction of the Tuxedo Touch Keypad. I think it is the nicest keypad and home automation platform available today.

Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Keypad

This keypad is compatible with virtually any Honeywell Vista system that can handle touchscreens. Vista 15 and Vista 20 are what most people have. If you have a Vista 10 you would need to upgrade in order to get this keypad. It has a 7″ 480×640 resolution touchscreen that is the best available on the market today. Take a look at Honeywell’s Tuxedo Touch Video by clicking here.

With this one single keypad you can control the alarm system, your thermostats, deadbolt locks, lights, and anything else that is Z-Wave ready. It can control 232 Z wave devices. I wonder if anyone will ever get close to that. It can also view up to 4 IP cameras on the screen. While not in use it can flip through a slide show of your family pictures or whatever you would like. Notice the weather is automatically downloaded to the screen as well. It has a voice annunciation and you can use it as a message center. After attending the ISC West Security Show and looking at all the other touchscreens available this by far is the best looking and easiest to use. The price tag is around $400.

I got one as soon as I could and installed it so I could see for myself how it worked and also so I could control my deadbolt, lights, and thermostats with it. How cool is that?

Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Keypad backside

This is the first version released which needs to have an internet connection plugged in the back of it. But there is a newer version being released soon that will also have WI-FI capability. (Which of course means you do not need to figure a way out how to run an internet connection to the back of it)

First I installed it by removing my previous touchscreen. Then I added the internet connection so I could control the system from my iphone, ipad, and computer. I had already replaced my thermostat a few months prior with a z-wave compatible thermostat. This is the one I got and I think it is the best available right now.

Honeywell Thermostat with Zwave

Once I had the thermostat installed I added the deadbolt, light switch, and two Honeywell IP cameras. Here is the what the lot of boxes looks like. It was easy to set up the keypad so that when I arm the alarm it locks the deadbolt, turns off the light, and changes the thermostat to an energy saving setting.

Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Keypad with Zwave Kwikset deadbolt, evolve light switch, honeywell thermostat, and honeywell ip cameras
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  • Alan
    Posted at 15:46h, 09 June Reply

    Your blog mentions that I need to upgrade VISTA-10 keypad before I can use Honeywell Tuxedo Touch. My old ADT system uses VISTA-10SE. Can I just upgrade this keypad to say VISTA-15 keypad without upgrading my whole ADT system? Who do I contact for this upgrade – Honeywell? or ADT?

    • admin
      Posted at 18:10h, 17 June Reply

      The part that is the vista-10 or vista-15 or 20 is not the keypad it is the circuit board that is in your alarm panel. You want to contact us to help you upgrade the control panel. Honeywell will refer you to a dealer like me. I am the least expensive way to get ADT, so if you wanted ADT monitoring service you should also contact me.

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