FireLite Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

FireLite Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a Firelite commercial fire panel that is made by Fire Lite, chances are that you have some issues and questions about it.

How do you test the FireLite Panel?
If you have a 50 Point or 128 Point Addressable FireLite Panel then you should have a keypad that looks like this on the front. All you need to do to run a test is to first, let your central station know to put the account on test so the fire department is not dispatched. Second, push the drill button for 2 seconds. When you are ready to quiet the alarm, push the Alarm silence button. Lastly, push the reset button to power cycle and clear the alarm.

What does Telco Line 1 mean?
If you have a Telco Line 1 error on your screen it means that the fire panel is trying to dial out and there is not a working phone line. You probably need to add a new Fire LTE Cell Communicator. (That is better than getting two landline phone lines with the phone company usually, but you could also activate two landline phone lines)

What does NAC 1 Open mean?
NAC stands for Notification Appliance Circuit and is used for the fire horns, strobes, bells, chimes, and speakers to notify occupants and the fire department of an alarm. There is usually a circuit that could include several notifying devices and if one of them is bad or missing it could show an open circuit for that NAC. The 50 point panel can handle up to 2.5Amps per NAC and should have an EOL (end of line) resistor that is 4.7K.

What candela strobes are needed?
NFPA 72 outlines which candela is needed in different size rooms. 115 is the minimum needed outdoors.

What back up battery do I need?
Most fire alarm systems need to be able to run the alarm for 5 minutes on the battery and the system has to be able to function for 24 hours if the power is out. Typically a battery like this one is used. They should be replaced around every 4 years.

What is the best way to test my smoke detectors?
It is recommended that you use a can of smoke to test the smoke detectors.

What is the difference between an alarm, supervisory, and a trouble?
An alarm event has the highest priority since it occurs when a smoke detector, heat detector, pull station, water flow sensor, or another device is tripped causing the system to go off and notify people to evacuate the building. A Supervisory event is when a device has been tampered with and needs attention, but will not sound the fire alarm to evacuate. A trouble means that something is wrong, but not an alarm or a supervised event. Troubles could be a ground fault, broken wire, or even a bad battery.

What is a ground fault?
A ground fault occurs when a wire in a circuit touches ground. This could be any wires connecting to the panel and usually requires that each circuit is removed one at a time to see which one is causing the ground fault. Then it can be necessary to see if the ground fault is in the middle or end of the line.

How often do the smoke detectors need replacing?
Residential smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years. Commercial smoke detectors need to be inspected and tested once a year or more to ensure that they are working properly.

What is the programming code?
If you need to make some changes to your Firelite panels programming you will want to make sure you know what you are doing, but the default code is usually 00000000 for Master Level and 11111111 for Maintenance level. You will need to push the Menu/Enter key first. Then you will want to reference options in the programming guide for more information.

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