Best Security System for Flipping Houses

Best Security Systems for Flipping Houses

Best Security System for Flipping Houses

If you are looking for the best security system for flipping houses we can help. Buying a home and fixing it up to resell for a profit is a fun and exciting investment. The last thing you want is to have someone breaking in the home while you are away to take tools, appliances, or just vandalize. But most homes that are being remodeled are very vulnerable since they are often left empty for evenings and sometimes for several days as you are waiting for new furnishings to arrive. Not to mention many times you have to evict squatters or non-paying tenants that will likely try to come back.


The best way to secure the home as you are fixing it up is to have a wireless security system that you can install temporarily and then move it when you are done. This way you only have to purchase it once and then get value from it time and time again for years. Of course, you can leave it in the home if you want to use it as a selling feature also.

Qolsys Kit 3-1

If you are wanting to have cameras you can check on while away then you will need to activate the internet with a wireless router with sufficient speeds. If you are unable to get internet with sufficient speeds you can still install a wireless security system. This way you can still know that the place is secure at night and if someone tried to enter, you and the authorities would be notified and they will set off a loud siren.

Outdoor Driveway Camera


Usually, you will want at least a few door sensors and a motion detector inside and then you can control it from the keypad or the app. This is why we recommend choosing one of these kits to start with and you can install it yourself or have one of our professional technicians install it for you. You will want to make sure you get a kit that also includes a cellular LTE communicator so that the system can connect to cloud services and monitoring. Some include it and others require that it is added.


We recommend the Qolsys IQ 4 Panel because it comes with a built-in glass break detector and a built-in panel camera. The panel camera can record 4 minutes of video if there is an alarm event.


If you are flipping homes and want to protect your tools and investment then give us a call or fill out the contact us form. We look forward to helping you.

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