By the Numbers: How Many Business Robberies Occur Each Year

business robberies

By the Numbers: How Many Business Robberies Occur Each Year

Since 2015, robberies targeting small business have gone up. These small businesses are anything from convenience retail stores and supermarkets to restaurants.

So if you own a company, you need to do everything you can to protect yourself from business robberies. Also, it’s important to make sure you know what to do if one happens.

Take a look at these business robbery prevention tips:

1. Install Proper Security

Security cameras are a must. They let employees keep an eye on the building from a monitor, and can help police catch anyone attempting a robbery.

Install some by the doors (both back doors and front doors) and behind the cash register. You’ll also want to check your building for places someone could easily hide and put security cameras there as well.

Depending on your business and budget, you can also hire real security personnel. This isn’t always necessary. However, if your business is in an easily accessible area (anywhere close to freeways or other escape routes), you may want to consider it.

You should at least invest in a 24-hour security alarm that will send alerts directly to the police if something happens.

2. Keep the Doors Locked

This obviously doesn’t apply to doors in use, like the front entrance to your business, but any doors that aren’t being used should stay locked.

This discourages people from slipping in the back.

You should also keep your building well lit with any window blinds at least partially open. This makes it easy for even people outside the building to see what’s happening inside, and it may deter potential robbers.

3. Discuss with the Police

You don’t have to wait for a crime to happen before you can get in touch with the police.

Reach out to them first. They can talk to you about crime rates in the area, and help you protect against business robberies.

Build a relationship with them and ask them to let you know if things start to look dangerous for your company. They will be able to keep you on top of security better than anyone.

4. Train Your Employees

Make sure your employees know what to do during a robbery. They should stay calm and move slowly as to not startle the robber. They should do what the robber asks, and not take risks.

When the robber leaves, employees should lock the doors and wait for the police to arrive.

Whenever possible, have your employees greet each customer as they enter the building. By engaging customers, an attentive employee can usually spot suspicious behavior and avert them.

The Most Important Thing to Remember about Business Robberies

The safety of your employees is a priority. Anything else in the building, money or products, can be replaced later.

In case your employees get caught up in a robbery, meet with them later. Talk to them about it and make sure they’re okay.

If you need help protecting your small business from robberies, contact us and we’ll help get you started.

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