News: ADT Pulse now integrates with Nest Thermostats — What that means for you!

adt nest

News: ADT Pulse now integrates with Nest Thermostats — What that means for you!

adt nestNews: ADT Pulse now integrates with Nest Thermostats — What that means for you!

Update June 2020 – ADT Pulse and Nest no longer have an app integration or partnership. You will have to use two separate apps going forward if you have a Nest thermostat. It is recommended that you get a new ADT Smart Thermostat to replace your nest if you have ADT Pulse or ADT Command.

Original Sept 2015 Blog Post

You may know that ADT Pulse now integrates with Nest thermostats, but you may not be sure what that means for you. In this blog, we will explain what this all means for you, the current ADT customer, and what the benefits of this integration entail.

First, let’s explain what the Nest Thermostats are, and what they do. They’re programmable, “self-learning” thermostats that have Wi-Fi. Created by Nest Labs, the thermostat is one of many products offered by this “smart” company. Other products include a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector, and a Nest Cam, which was re-branded and re-introduced to the market in June 2015 after the company acquired Dropcam.

What does this integration mean?

So, since the ADT systems can integrate with the Nest systems, what does that mean?

Well, this means that you can now get the Nest system included, for free, with your ADT security system if you want it. This means a savings of up to $300 for well-qualified customers (only in certain parts of the country right now).

Additionally, as part of this new integration, you can control Nest systems with smartphone apps that work with the ADT security system. Other functions include the “always on” option and a more responsive app interface. This new update best meets the needs of both home and business customers, and does so on a user-friendly interface.

This also means that more people will be Nest customers. It’s a good financial move for the “smart” company, who will now be able to access ADT’s existing base of 7 million customers and 4,000 sales representatives.

Finally, but most importantly, this is part of a larger trend in the industry where home security companies partner with “smart” companies. ADT and Nest “playing nice” with one another actually opens the market up for additional competition to follow suit.

Here is a brief summary of the benefits of both the ADT system and the Nest system:

The Benefits of ADT

  • A potential robber is less likely to rob you if they see a home security decal on your window: An ADT decal deflects nine out of 10 potential burglars.
  • With the ability to access your system from your smartphone, you can arm (and disarm)your home remotely.
  • Because of the WiFi integration, you can access your ADT system from your PC, laptop, or tablet.
  • Best of all, with an ADT system installed in your home, you can save annually on your homeowner’s insurance!

The Benefits of the Nest System

  • Installing a Nest thermostat into your home saves you money on your energy bills.
  • Because it’s a “smart” system, it studies your habits and adjusts the temperatures accordingly. Therefore, there is rarely, if ever, a need to manually program the thermostat.
  • This is a Google product, which means it has the perfect user-friendly interface.
  • Best of all, reviewers of the product almost universally agree that the Nest products are not only a perfect addition to any home, they’re well worth the price. (And, when they come for free with select ADT systems, the price point becomes moot!)

Note: Nest thermostats and ADT Pulse integrations are starting in select areas and will eventually reach all areas. Currently the integration is done with the apps talking to each other. The Nest thermostat does not communicate directly to the ADT Pulse system.

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