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ADT Alarm System

Learn more about the ADT Alarm System Options for your home or business

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Learn more about the ADT Alarm System Options for your home or business

Why should I get ADT Security Service?

ADT has been in business for over 140 years and is the largest security company in the country. They monitor over 7 million customers today and maintain an A+ BBB rating. ADT Pulse is the service offered by ADT Monitoring that allows you to be in control of your home wherever you are. As long as you have internet access on a device you can arm and disarm your home security system using ADT Pulse. ADT Pulse is much more than the ability to control your home security system, it is also the ability to control your home. It has home automation that includes climate (change thermostat temperatures) control, light control, video cameras, and even garage door control and deadbolt locks. Its affordable, customizable and very easy to use.

What does an ADT Alarm System look like?

There are 4 types of ADT Alarm Systems that make up a majority of new ADT Alarm installations.


Also known as the Safewatch Pro 3000 or Vista Panel. It is a hardwired alarm system with the control panel separate from the keypad and siren. It can have wireless sensors or hardwired zones.  It is not the easiest panel to add cellular and ADT Pulse to since they are all a la carte devices that need to be added to the main panel. The ADT Pulse Gateway needs to be connected to the customers router which can make it especially challenging.


The touch or Quickconnect is the only one that comes with a color touchscreen and is the best value. It can have up to 40 wireless zone added to it. It is one of the easiest to install since it just needs power from an outlet and it is good to go. (as long as there is cell reception) It can do basic ADT Pulse, which means you can control it from your smart phone. If you want video or automation you will need to add the cloudlink.

Total Security
Total Security

This is the newest system to the lineup. ADT developed this panel in 2014 and launched it allowing the alarm system and ADT Pulse Gateway to be included into one base station with a wireless keypad. It is a pretty advanced system that can handle over 100 wireless zones, 10 cameras,  and 250 automation devices. All the programming needs to be done from a web browser from us here at Zions Security or ADT. This makes it easy to help add more security zones but unlike the other systems since they must be programmed from their keypads.


The Impassa is another all in one control panel and keypad like the Touch except it is a push button keypad. It can handle up to 64 zones unlike the Touch. It has a cell radio built into it and can do basic ADT Pulse right from the get go without needing to add anything extra. It just needs power and a cell signal to work. If someone wants to add video or automation to this system they would need to add the cloud link or gateway mentioned above.


Choose one of the four ADT Alarm systems and then we can decide on the number of doors, windows, motion detectors, etc… Usually you will get 3 door sensors and a motion detector for free and only have to pay $99 for the installation. (unless you want more sensors)


Once you know what equipment you are getting you will need to choose which monitoring service to get. The most popular are the ones that you can control from your smart phone.


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