ADT Security In Los Angeles

According to a report in the LA Times published earlier this year, crime in Los Angeles (Police Department in Woodland Hills area) has risen 24% since the year 2014. This statistic had residents calling for more police patrol, and rightfully

Palm Springs Security: The Best System

With over 2,000 counts of theft and over 700 reports of burglary over the past year in Palm Springs, CA, it’s true: crime is indeed everywhere. The only way to completely avoid crime is to maybe buy your own island

new year resolution get adt

ADT Security In Sacramento

With the New Year comes resolution setting, goals, and celebration. Want to know one thing that doesn’t change with the New Year? Crime, unfortunately. For residents of Sacramento, the new year has already kicked off several incidents of home-invasions and

5 Tips For Better Home Security in Torrance

Looking for better home security in Torrance California this holiday season so you can better protect your house from the typical residential burglaries, vandalism, and other crimes like these occurrences logged last week by the Torrance Police department? You’ve come to the

The Best Security System in Fresno

Just 2 days ago, a V-Tech Nails and Spa in north Fresno was broken into. Three men were able to make off with a TV that they grabbed right off of the wall. A day before that, a restaurant in Fresno

home security in bakersfield

The Best Home Security In Bakersfield

Just a few days ago, EyeWitness News reported a home invasion on Thursday, September 22, 2016 in Bakersfield, CA. During the robbery, the homeowner and his grandson were held at gunpoint, tied up, and robbed. Luckily no one was injured

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