ADT Security In Sacramento

new year resolution get adt

ADT Security In Sacramento

new year resolution get adt

With the New Year comes resolution setting, goals, and celebration. Want to know one thing that doesn’t change with the New Year?

Crime, unfortunately.

For residents of Sacramento, the new year has already kicked off several incidents of home-invasions and robbery.

On New Year’s Day, a home-invasion was reported just off of 26th avenue, with two armed suspects leaving a residence with stolen goods, and on January 2nd, there was an attempted robbery near Arden Way.

So, what’s one simple thing you can do this new year to protect your home and loved ones?

Get an ADT security system.

That’s right.

Let’s run through exactly why an ADT system for Sacramento residents is the smartest and easiest way to take your security and protection to the next level.

Why Get An ADT System In Sacramento

Not all security systems are created equal. When it comes to protecting your residence, you want a system that is going to offer you complete security protection.

So, what makes ADT the right security system?

Video Surveillance

Having video surveillance inside your home and around the perimeter of your home is a great to record activities happening on your property.

While video surveillance allow you to review footage and be “in the know” as far as the traffic to your home or what is going on inside, having video cameras outside of your home can possibly act as a great deterrent to potential robbers. Video cameras let people know that your house is under surveillance and that you

Security At the Tips of Your Fingers

Having a control panel is another awesome way that an ADT system lets you protect your home.

Have an emergency and need to quickly alert the police or fire department?

With one simple push of a panic button, you can.

Depending on your control panel, setting up different security modes can be super convenient. For example, are you at home and want to arm the perimeter of your house while you’re inside?

Or needing to head off to work or run a quick errand and want to fully protect the perimeter of your home and the inside?

You can.

With high-quality, efficient control panels like those seen here, you can stay on top of your home security.

ADT Pulse: Keep An Eye On Your Home While Away

ADT Pulse is an incredible service offered by ADT that allows you to be in control of your home wherever you may be. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone with the application installed.

You can check in on your home in real time while you’re at work, on vacation, or running errands.

You can also set it up so that you can have your lights, your front door deadbolt, and even your thermostat synced with ADT Pulse, so you can control these features while on-the-go.

Start the New Year Off Right

These are just some of the benefits an ADT system has to offer you and your family. One of the smartest things you can do this new year is protect your home, and guess what?

As an authorized ADT dealer, we offer the best way to get an ADT system in Sacramento. We can help you get set up with the best equipment for the cheapest prices around.

Don’t put off your home security. Check out just how incredible our prices are and save big time. But don’t wait! These good deals won’t last forever.

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