ADT Pulse old ecosystem

ADT Authorized Dealers can start selling Pulse with video cameras and home control on August 4

ADT Announced today that starting Aug 4 2012 all of its adt authorized dealers will be able to sell and install tiers II and III of ADT Pulse. Adding video surveillance is tier II and adding home automation with climate

Honeywell Security Camera cloud

How do I know which security camera system to get?

There are many options for video surveillance now a days. If you do not know the options you may purchase a system you regret. So there are a few ways to look at deciding which camera option is best for

New Lynx Touch 5100 and Existing Vista 21ip use WiFi and LAN to Monitor

Honeywell now has two panels that can be monitored using the internet. Even though the Vista 21ip has been around for a few years, its time is now come. Also, most people cannot use the Vista 21ip since they want

ADT releases new rates and announces ADT Pulse tier II (ADT Video) and tier III (ADT Home Control)

ADT announced today that ADT Authorized Dealers can now offer ADT Pulse with Video starting at $399 and $58.99/mo and ADT Pulse with Home Control starting at $499 and $59.99/mo. They have also announced new rates for Basic Service $36.99/mo,

The New Honeywell Lynx Touch is now available!

It is available starting today! If you want to upgrade your old Lynx with the new one the cost for the new keypad is $200. If you want to add WI-FI it is $100 to add and Z-Wave is $50

There are many ADT Authorized dealers out there, why go with Zions Security Alarms?

I recently received an email from a potential client that said that most companies are offering $99 installation and $35/mo for service, why are you different? I replied with the following. From the surface it looks like all are the

Honeywell is Set to Launch their Lynx Touch Keypad with Z-Wave and Wi-Fi on June 1st

Honeywell unveiled their L5100 (or second generation Lynx Touch) at the ISC West in Las Vegas. The new lynx touch add z-wave and wi-fi among other features. The z-wave features are exciting because now wireless installations with Honeywell can incorporate

Honeywell’s Tuxedo Touch is the first Honeywell Keypad that adds Zwave Home Automation

Honeywell has finally joined the Z-wave home automation craze with its introduction of the Tuxedo Touch Keypad. I think it is the nicest keypad and home automation platform available today. This keypad is compatible with virtually any Honeywell Vista system

ADT Pulse Review Interactive Security System and Home Automation

ADT has had their new ADT Pulse service active for almost a year now. They have released it to their ADT Dealers, but only the first part – called Select by ADT Corporate Sales. The second and third are still

Common Questions about Home Security

Home Security Questions and Answers Q: Which is better hardwired or wireless? A:  It really depends on the application. Hardwired is almost always more expensive unless there is a ton of existing wiring. Most homes are not wired and thus

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