Customer Service Ratings Hit New Low with Cable Companies

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Customer Service Ratings Hit New Low with Cable Companies

In the last year or two the largest cable providers and internet providers have started offering security and home automation. Comcast or Xfinity is offering Xfinity Home, AT&T is offering Digital Life, Direct TV is offering Lifeshield, Time Warner is offering Intelligent Home, and the most original, Cox cable is offering Cox Home Security.

What is comical about this is that almost half of their customers are not happy with them. Customer Service Ratings Hit New Low with Cable Companies as they are not happy with them doing what they do best. What are the chances of them being happy with them providing services that they know little about? Not high. According to old and recent reports the ratings of satisfaction from these cable giants and telcos are not so bueno. These ratings come from the recent releasings from the the American Customer Satisfaction Index showing its annual measure of the communications industries.

Customer Service Ratings Hit New Low with Cable Companies

Quoted from this recent article touting that cable guy’s customer service ratings fall to new lows“Cable giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable have the most dissatisfied customers. Comcast falls 5 percent to 60, while Time Warner registers the biggest loss and plunges 7 percent to 56, its lowest score to date,” the news release said. Also quoted from the release, “Customer satisfaction is deteriorating for all of the largest pay TV providers. Viewers are much more dissatisfied with cable TV service than fiber optic and satellite service (60 vs. 68). Though both companies drop in customer satisfaction, DIRECTV (-4 percent) and AT&T (-3 percent) are tied for the lead with ACSI scores of 69. Verizon Communications FiOS (68) and DISH Network (67) follow.” “High prices, slow data transmission and unreliable service drag satisfaction to record lows, as customers have few alternatives beyond the largest Internet service providers. Customer satisfaction with ISPs drops 3.1 percent to 63, the lowest score in the Index, the release said.

“Customer satisfaction with fixed-line telephone service dips 1.4 percent to an ACSI score of 73, but remains the most satisfying of all types of telecommunications. However, the score is due to shrinking landline usage. As more households abandon fixed-line service for cell phones, the customers that remain tend to be the most satisfied,” the release said. Interesting to note that the highest scores come from the old fashioned land line phones. Too bad they are becoming a dying breed as most people use cell or non traditional phones now. This is why most ADT and non-ADT home security installations are using cellular (wireless) options for transmitting their alarm signals to the central stations. 

If this is new to you, take a look at its historical trend. In 2013 there are many articles like this one, Yet another survey shows that cable companies are Americas most hated. And this article in 2012 shows the most hated companies in America at that time. Cable and Telcos had the not so coveted spots of #14 Direct TV, #11 Century Link, #6 Time Warner, #7 Cox, #4 Comcast, and #3 Charter.

What is sad is that many customers are falling for their attractive marketing thinking, “Boy my experience has been poor for cable, phone, and internet, maybe they will be finally good at something, so lets give them a shot with protecting my home and family.” Also what is sad is that these companies have been disliked in years past, but their ratings continue to fall. Check out what consumer reports has to say. Here is another good article showing their recent 2014 ratings.

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