UPS Guy Caught on Video After Stealing Ipad Mini that FedEx Delivered Earlier

UPS Guy Caught on Video After Stealing Ipad Mini that FedEx Delivered Earlier

If you have not heard already you maybe like me. I just found out tonight after a neighbor mentioned to me that he wants cameras installed outside his house.

It appears that on December 21st (last Friday), Al Alverson, a Texas homeowner, was expecting his iPad mini that he bought for his daughter for Christmas to be delivered by FedEx. He left a note for it to be left at the door when it came.

9:45am FedEx Delivers Ipad Mini leaving it at the front door

1:51pm UPS Delivers package at the front door

1:53pm UPS guy returns and takes the iPad mini.

When Al got home and checked the tracking information from FedEx it showed it was delivered at 1:51pm. Al checked his DVR for recordings from the front door camera and could not believe what he saw. He called UPS and they gave him the runaround until he posted a little video on youtube. See the video here on our channel. It appears the original video was removed but not before others could copy it and post it themselves. UPS probably made him take it down as part of their agreement.

There is an article from the local Houston channel on it here and the local Houston news has great coverage on it below. 
Notice a few things to learn from this experience and the news coverage.

1. Al installed an infrared dome camera like the one we sell around 3 years ago with a DVR.

2. Al has an ADT monitored security system inside his home. (did you notice the sign?)

3. If Al did not have the video surveillance system he would not have caught the UPS guy and solved the crime.

More and more people are getting video surveillance cameras installed and helping hold people and companies responsible. The police love having video surveillance because it makes an investigation go much quicker.  I think it also helps give back to the community as well because if your neighbor was robbed and you have footage of vehicles driving by your house you might be able to help catch the people responsible.



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