Neighborhood in Draper had multiple break ins this week

fox news draper burglary

Neighborhood in Draper had multiple break ins this week

Fox 13 reported a neighborhood in Draper had multiple break ins this week, Fortunately one of the homes has video surveillance and caught the guys on camera.

It was reported that Matt Wilkonson has a home security system that caught two young men in hoodies walking around his back deck at 4:16am Wed morning. Of course they are referring to security cameras (since a home security system usually is referring to an alarm system inside the home.


Another neighbor, not named, also had security cameras and got footage of what they think is the vehicle they were driving.

Thank goodness some people in this neighborhood have already installed some video surveillance. More neighborhoods need video cameras like these so that they can record suspicious activity and give it to the police.

Unfortunately these homes did not have a burglar alarm system hooked up to their garages and not enough of the homes had video surveillance.

My guess is that if there were more homes with security systems and security cameras this neighborhood would not have been a target.

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