5 Reasons you should have Security Cameras for your Business

5 Reasons you should have Security Cameras for your Business

5 Reasons you should have Security Cameras for your Business

Security Cameras: Help Protect Your Business Assets

Any private property or business can be the target of theft and crime. Small businesses have several weak points in their security that they should monitor and fix. These weak points include lack of comprehensive, monitored security measures. So in one night, all your merchandise, sensitive pieces of information, and digital information can be compromised. Not only is your merchandise and sensitive information at risk, but people who work in and around the establishment will also be in danger.

Without the right security system installed, you won’t be able to tap into details of a break-in, or help that can circumvent collateral damage in the form of lawsuits. Security cameras that are properly installed will help you mitigate these losses. Here are five reasons why you should install security cameras in your business.

1. Employees Will Be Held Accountable:

Many small businesses use security cameras to help protect their investments from outside intruders. However, three out of four employees steal from their employers. About $20 to $40 billion in losses are from inside jobs curated by current employees. So depending on local jurisdictions, you may have to tell your employees that they are being monitored by a security camera.

Regardless if they know or not, security camera systems will prevent theft and will help create a sense of accountability for those involved in the day to day activities of your business. A case study example is a convenience store that increased its profits by $600 the first month after adding a few security cameras.

2. Protection from Legal Action

Liabilities are expensive, with many liabilities being inundated with fraud. But security cameras will allow you to recreate events, even if you weren’t physically there. Video recording systems can protect you from lawsuits, such as injuries sustained by your customer or an employee. Hard evidence, like recorded video, are integral pieces of evidence that can help protect your assets in a courtroom. So video recording will prevent unnecessary action against you, as well as help resolve any disputes between employees.

3. Monitor Employee Productivity

A robust, productive workforce is what makes a business thrive. But lackadaisical productivity can cut into profits, and create a space where a lack of customer service will be a normal occurrence. A security camera system will allow you to thank employees who are working hard, reminding others that their productivity is always in review.

4. Cameras can help prevent theft

Strategically placed security cameras can help prevent theft and crimes. The mere presence of your cameras is enough to thwart opportunistic thieves. Additionally, security cameras can help foster a sense of safety in and around your place of business, as well as discourage misbehavior. Make sure you place your security cameras where they’re obvious.

5. A Way to Identify Visitors

Certain businesses are at particular risk for organized theft. These places include financial institutions, jewelry stores, and also places that store, sell, or trade expensive goods. New customers that enter any business are strangers, and a security camera system will allow you to identify them. If a particular visitor has been known to cause trouble in the form of crime, fraud, or other parameters set forth by you or law enforcement, then you can intervene before they cause any problems. Additionally, businesses should know of individuals who fit the description and images of a shoplifter or criminal; security cameras will allow you to detect their presence in your business.

Security cameras are beneficial for any business, large or small. Businesses should have several cameras with motion sensing capabilities, allowing them to hone in on activity. Cameras should monitor areas inside of the stores as well as outside, like parking lot areas. Contact us to learn more about how you can jump start security measures in your business. You can also follow us @ZionsSecurity

5 Reasons you should have Security Cameras for your Business

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