This new 8MP Full Color Fixed Bullet Network Camera captures clear detail images to monitor large areas with outstanding clarity and precision. It has an efficient H.265+ compression technology, that reduces file sizes while maintaining superb image quality, allowing you to store more footage and optimize network bandwidth usage. Provides an exceptional backlight performance to deliver clear imaging even in challenging lighting conditions.

This 8MP FullColor 4K Fixed Bullet Camera captures high-quality images and ensures you maximum security in your property or any environment. The camera is designed with 24/7 color imaging technology, it gives vivid color footage to accurately identify the objects around the monitoring view. Equipped with a 2.8 mm fixed focal lens, that captures a wide field of view. This camera with give you a 3840 x 2160 pixel display and provides you with the utmost precision in your surveillance footage.

The 4x4MP Multi-Sensor Panoramic Bullet Camera raises the bar for security surveillance with its outstanding features and durable construction. Featuring a 4x4-MP 1/1.8" CMOS image sensor, this camera offers high-definition images with low luminance, allowing for clear visuals even in difficult lighting conditions. It is integrated with IR LEDs that provide strong night vision capabilities with a maximum illuminating distance of 30 meters

The 8MP Smart Motorized Varifocal Bullet Camera combines modern technology with a durable design to offer unrivaled security and monitoring capabilities. It ensures clear and detailed photos with its remarkable 8 MP resolution and 1/2.8" Progressive Scan CMOS, capturing every significant detail with exceptional clarity. Its motorized varifocal lens makes installation and monitoring simpler than ever.

The 8MP Smart Fixed Bullet Network Camera is a high-performance surveillance system designed to deliver the exceptional image quality and cutting-edge capabilities for enhanced security. With its 8 MP resolution, it ensures precise surveillance and clear imagery. Equipped with a 1/2.8" Progressive Scan CMOS image sensor, it captures every sharp detail. Utilizing advanced H.265+ compression technology, it optimizes storage and ensures seamless data transmission without compromising image quality.

This 4MP FullColor Fixed Bullet Camera provides clear 24/7 vivid colorful images with advanced lenses and high-performance sensors. The camera has efficient H.265+ compression technology that reduces bandwidth and storage requirements, saving you time and money. It can have a simultaneous live view of up to 6 channels, which means that users can view up to 6 camera feeds at the same time, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your entire security system.

The 8MP OpenEye Bullet IP Camera offers a 1/2.8", Progressive scan image sensor and the perfect solution for monitoring and securing your property. With advanced features like Line Crossing Analytics and Person/Vehicle Analytics, this camera provides reliable and accurate detection of any intrusion or suspicious activity.

The OpenEye 4MP Bullet Camera is an IP camera equipped with line-crossing analytics that tracks objects' movements over specified parameters crossing lines. It is an outdoor camera with IK10 and IP67 ratings and is well-suited in areas with a high chance of vandalism and inclement weather. Provided with a two-way communication system, this receives and transmits audio through the camera.

This 8MP NDAA Fixed Bullet Camera offers a 4K camera resolution and gives more clear details at a farther distance compared to any other 1080P HD camera. It has an Active Deterrence feature that takes an additional security system for any potential intruders or crime. Supported by 9:16 Corridor Mode, this camera converts the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio to a narrow portrait style 9:16 for users' preferred video mode.

This unique 4MP NDAA Intelligent Light Bullet Camera is an IP camera with active deterrence, face detection, human/vehicle classification, and people-counting features. It provides high-quality image resolution with a 1/2.7" CMOS sensor. The camera is an NDAA complaint which was surely made in the US and has a higher quality product. Supported with 9:16 Corridor Mode which converts widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio to a narrow portrait style 9:16.