Are you prepared for the pushy door to door sales people this summer? – 9 Steps to help

pushy door-to-door sales person

Are you prepared for the pushy door to door sales people this summer? – 9 Steps to help

pushy door-to-door sales personThe season for pushy door to door sales has started. Are you prepared for pushy sales people to come to your door this summer?

Every year there are many door to door sales people that will come by. They could be selling:

  • Vacuums
  • Pest Control
  • Miracle Cleaner Concentrate
  • Artwork
  • Soft Water
  • Home Security
  • Magazines
  • And more….

These sales people are not all pushy, but some are pushy and agressive.  Their pushiness makes people feel uneasy and more than once have I received a phone call from a person wanting a security system because a suspicious person came to their door.  They could be a hard working person that is just trying to make a living, but they could also be someone that intends to harm you and your family.

The local police department knows when this season has started because they start getting calls. Here are a few stories.

From Santaquin UT – Santaquin residents worried by push door-to-door salespeople

Over-agressive security company based out of Amercian Fork Utah.

Provo based company in articles like this all over for being pushy or deceptive.

Follow these simple steps to make sure you are prepared this summer.

  1. Try to keep the door chain or security screen door locked while you find out who is there
  2. Ask them to see their ID or license. Most professionals will have a license or ID.
  3. Call their employer and verify their employment
  4. Verify online their license number and that it is active (some professions like security require a license by the state)
  5. Contact your local police to see if they have a solicitors permit – Some cities require that they register with the city before they knock on the residents doors.
  6. Do not let them in your house until you are perfectly comfortable with them and have confirmed they are authorized representatives.
  7. Do not give them any financial information until you are 100% ready to purchase what they are selling.
  8. Do not commit on the spot but make sure you think about and research online any company you are thinking of doing business with. Check their reputation and BBB rating.
  9. Remember that it is your home and you have the right to close the door and not let them in.

pushy salesman

You need to be brave and stand your ground. If you feel you cannot do this you need to post a “No Soliciting” sign and do not answer the door.  Maybe get an intercom installed.

Here are some humerous ways to scare off a pushy sales person.

Homes that have security systems already also need to be aware of deceptive sales practices that are often used by other security companies. Unfortunately elderly people are usually the victims. The sales people like to introduce themselves imitating their current company stating “I am with the alarm company”. They also like to tell people that their current alarm company is out of business or it was recently purchased by their company.  Be wary of these deceptive practices and do your homework before you sign up for a 3-5 year contract with another company, especially if you have not fulfilled the one you are in currently.

deceptive security sales

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