Moving This Summer? Don’t Forget to Take Your System Or Get A New One

Moving This Summer? Don’t Forget to Take Your System Or Get A New One

Summer can be just as relaxing as it can be hectic. Family reunions, vacations, kids are out of school—the whole shebang.

But what about trying to move on top of all of that?

For our security system customers, we know just how crazy moving can be. That’s why we’re here to make the process a bit easier.

So, you’re throwing all all sorts of things into random boxes and taping them up (hopefully not mislabeling them), what should you do with your security system?

Let’s jump in really quick and explain what you should do with your security system.

You Have 2 Options

If you have a security system and you’re moving, here are your options.

  1. Take your system with you and have it reinstalled at your new home.
  2. Start a new contract.

So which option is best for you?

  1. Take your system with you

If you move within the first year that you installed your security system, your best bet is to take your system with you, and have it installed in your new place.

If you’re wanting to add more to your system once you settle in, to maximize your home security, click here for high quality gear and equipment.

2.  Start a new contract.

If you’d like to continue on with ADT protecting your home and property, and it has been more than a year since you set up your system, your best option is to leave your current system and start a new contract.

Once you move in, don’t forget to call us. We have some unbeatable summer specials going on right now!

Feel free to call us here: 1-800-871-2119 

Take Your Home Security to the Next Level This Summer

Summer is full of surprises; don’t let the safety of your home be one of them!

If you currently don’t have ADT monitoring, (our leading option being ADT Pulse) now is the perfect time.

ADT Pulse protects your home from the palm of your hand while you’re vacationing with your family at the beach or when suffering through an awkward family reunion (just kidding).

As an authorized ADT dealer, we’re here to make protecting your loved ones easier than ever, so don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our site!

Also, if you happen to have any other questions about moving your security system, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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