Halloween Tips + Tricks

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Halloween Tips + Tricks

Halloween safety tips & tricks

The leaves are falling, the weather is cooler, and candy is on sale by the bags. That can only mean one thing: Halloween (and the holidays) is just around the corner.

While Halloween can be such a fun night full of parties, trick or treating, and binging on your kids’ candy, it can also be a dangerous time.

According to the National Safety Council, kids are 2x as likely to get hit by a car.

Pretty terrifying, right?

Not to mention… well, you know, kids going from stranger’s house to stranger’s house asking for candy late into the night, pranks being pulled, and mischief being had.

Here are a couple Halloween safety tips you’ll want to follow. And as a bonus, we can review a couple ways your security system can make Halloween even better than ever.

Hallow’s Eve Safety Tips

Tip #1: Go Trick Or Treating With Your Kids

Ok, this may be obvious. But with all the activities going on that night, you may be tempted to just let your kids run wild as long as they’re in a group.

Take your kids around trick or treating so you can keep an eye on them. Maybe get a little group of your friends and their kids together so you can all hang out and walk the streets.

Tip #2: Plan A Route

If your kids are at an age where you don’t mind if they go alone or with friends, have a route planned out. That way you’ll know what neighborhoods they’ll be in.

Tip #3: Review Trick Or Treating Etiquette

Make sure to talk with your kids so they know that they should never enter a stranger’s house or car.

There are some houses that turn their house into a “haunted house.” It’s better to skip them and be on the safe side. Make sure your kids and their friends know that.

Tip #4: Stick to Well Lit Areas

While trick or treating, stick to neighborhoods and streets with street lamps and visibility.

Tip #5: Save the Treats 

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have your kids save their candy loot until they get home. That way you can give it a quick run through just to make sure everything looks good (not to mention snag a few for yourself).

If they insist on eating candy while they’re out and about, send them out with some of the candy from your house.

Tip #6: Improve Your Visibility

To help cars and other people see where your kids are as you go trick or treating, increase your visibility. Use reflective tape on their Halloween bag or even invest in a couple cheap glow sticks.

The more visible you and your kids are to cars, the better.

Smart Home Halloween Hacks

As a bonus section, for all you ADT Smart homeowners, here’s a quick refresh of how you can utilize your smart devices to make your Halloween even more convenient.

Arm Your System While You’re Out

Of course, a super obvious one, but what’s better than knowing that your home is secure and protected while you’re out scoring a ton of candy with your kids?

Unlock Your Door/Open Your Garage For Family

Part of your family get a little “trick or treated out” or have early party guests show up while you’re running a quick last minute errand?

With a Z-Wave deadbolt on your front door or a garage door controller (both with ADT Pulse), you can remotely unlock your front door or open your garage door and let your family and friends in.

Keep An Eye On The Candy Bowl

Are you one of those families that leaves a huge, endless bowl of candy out on the porch with a “take one” sign on it for trick or treaters?

With your security cameras or even your doorbell camera, you can keep an eye on that precious candy.

Check-In On Your Home

With ADT Pulse and the right equipment, you’ll be able to check in on your indoor security cameras whenever you need to with internet access.

Now you can rest assured as you crawl the streets with your kiddos collecting candy.

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