10 Tips to Deter Crime and Make Your Home Safer

10 Tips to Deter Crime and Make Your Home Safer

10 Tips to Deter Crime, Make Your Home Safe and Gain Peace of Mind

Maya Angelou has been quoted as saying, “The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” As usual, Angelou has captured how people feel about their homes in very few words. Of course, the type of safety that she’s referring to is a mental state—a state of acceptance from those around us. We are much more likely to receive this in our homes. But mental safety doesn’t mean anything unless we have physical safety too. And fortunately, there are many ways now in which technology can help us to make our homes safer for ourselves and our loved ones. Still, not a lot of us take advantage of these methods. And we might also make simple mistakes which leave us open to burglary, accidents etc. So follow these tips to deter crime and increase safety:

  1. Alarm System: The simplest way to deter crime and have a safer home is to get an alarm system. Homes with an alarm system are ten times less likely to have a break in. If anyone enters your home without your permission, the alarm will go off, creating a loud noise. Plus, if your system is monitored by ADT, you’ll get a call on your cell phone and the police will also be notified. (unless you give ADT your passcode and cancel the alarm)
  2. Security Cameras: If you want to go one step further, you can also get security cameras installed in your home. These security cameras can be triggered when there is movement in any part of your home. You can consult an expert and figure out the best places to install these cameras. Additionally, if you have any concerns about particular parts of your home that might be vulnerable, you can install security cameras there as well. You can add simple WiFi cameras that are wireless or you can install wired HD IP Cameras.
  3. Placement of Valuables: A lot of people don’t think about this and put valuable items in highly visible parts of their home. It’s probably not a good idea to leave your MacBook in front of a glass window. Sure, you might like working in front of a window but when you’re done, it’s a good idea to put your computer away. Plus, try to remember to draw the curtains or blinds whenever you leave your home. There’s no point in tempting fate (or burglars)!
  4. Deadbolt Locks: A lot of people have very basic locks on their front doors. Sometimes, it’s even possible to slide a card into the gap between the door and the frame to slide it open. This is obviously not a good idea. You may want to get a locksmith and install solid deadbolt locks on your front and back doors.
  5. Child-Proofing: This isn’t necessary to keep away burglars but it will give you peace of mind when you have an infant or toddler in your home. You should definitely get gates for your windows so that children don’t accidentally lean out too much. The only window that a gate shouldn’t cover is one that’s leading to a fire escape. Plus, try to make sure that any breakable items are placed above a child’s reach. You might also want to make sure that all toys get put away after being played with so that no one trips and falls over them.
  6. Use Peepholes and Door Chains: These are simple amenities installed in every home. But sometimes, people just forget to use them. You start trusting your neighbors and believing that you live on a quiet street, so you think that you don’t need to be cautious. However, it’s a good idea to stay in the habit of using them so that you don’t let anyone untrustworthy into your home. 
  7. Lighting: Peepholes and door chains aren’t going to do you much good if it’s dark and you can’t see who’s outside. So make sure that you have good lighting installed outside your front and back door. Putting these lights on a timer or on a schedule with ADT Pulse can also be a good idea. Good lighting is also necessary within the home so that you don’t fall down the stairs to the basement or stub your toe going to the bathroom in the night.
  8. Don’t Leave the Key Under the Flower pot: Given how often you see this happening in movies, do you think that burglars aren’t going to look in this spot first? The best thing is not to leave the key outside your door at all. Just make sure that each family member keeps their keys with them. Or better yet, just get a deadbolt like these and stop using keys altogether. 
  9. Be Vigilant: Try to keep track of what’s going on in the neighborhood. Watch your local news channel. Read a community newspaper. Talk to your neighbors once in a while. Not only will you come across as neighborly, you’ll also know if there’s a rash of burglaries going on or any other kind of trouble.
  10. Learn Self-Defense: Of course, it’s best to avoid confrontation with burglars, muggers etc. But in case you’re in a situation where you’re being attacked, you might want to learn some basic moves to fight off your attacker. And it’s a good idea to teach these to your family members too.

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