10 Burglar Deterrent Tips To Keep Your Property Safe

burglar deterrent

10 Burglar Deterrent Tips To Keep Your Property Safe

burglar deterrent

As a homeowner, you understand the major risk of burglary, regardless of where you live. Curious about burglar deterrent?

Luckily, there are several different steps you can take to keep your family and your belongings safe from any unsavory characters who may attempt to take what isn’t theirs.

These are all easy to implement, and they can save your valuables or even your life.

10 tips for burglar deterrent

Lock your doors

This is the number one tip in regards to burglar deterrent: lock your doors, lock your windows. Deadbolt whatever can be deadbolted.

It seems obvious, but that’s the reason it bears repeating. If you live in a safe or upper-class neighborhood, you might think that you’ll be safe if you don’t lock your doors.

However, burglars can sneak in at any time, and an unlocked door is practically an open invitation to look at your house like a smorgasbord.

The easiest way to keep your belongings and family safe is to lock your doors and windows, hands down.

Keep your lights on

Another easy tip for burglar deterrent is to keep your lights on.

Again, it’s a tip that seems obvious, but one that many homeowners seem to take for granted.

To understand the logic behind this one, you might have to get inside the mindset of a burglar. If you were going to rob a home, would you pick the quiet one that was pitch dark or the one with all the lights on?

Which one seems deserted? Which one seems lively?

You want to give all indication of people being up, awake, and ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

Get a dog

Of course, human beings need sleep. Therefore, you can’t be ready to fight off burglars at a moment’s notice all the time.

This would be a good reason to invest in a dog, particularly a larger and more intimidating breed.

Dogs not only provide companionship to you and your family, but they’re also quick to act in dangerous situations.

A dog will let you know immediately that a burglar’s at your door or in your house. Additionally, if the burglar hears the dog, they’ll probably be ready to run.

Use a security alarm

The best and most foolproof tip for burglar deterrent is to install a security alarm. They’re fantastic at preventing burglaries before they occur.

You’ve seen them: devices on the wall that sound a beep whenever someone enters or exits. These same devices sound sirens and alert authorities when enabled.

This allows the authorities to act quickly, and lets you know that there’s somebody in the house.

While a burglar may not be able to see your alarm inside, utilizing the stickers and sign posts which come with your alarm will relay the message very well.

Report suspicious activity

Don’t fall victim to the “hindsight is 20/20” mindset. If you notice anything suspicious going on around your home, make sure to report it.

Many neighborhoods have neighborhood watch system in which homeowners patrol the neighborhood. That would be a fantastic place to start.

If your neighborhood doesn’t have an active committee, you can report any suspicious activity to your local police. This can go the extra mile in preventing burglaries before they even take place.

Keep your business to yourself

If you’re going on a long trip, or even just planning a day trip out of town, it may be tempting to tell everyone you know that you’ll be gone.

That means your home will be empty, and all your belongings will be free for the taking if you don’t take the proper precautions.

While one would hope that your closest friends and social circle don’t turn out to be burglars, there are unsavory folks in every crowd. Don’t take the risk.

Use a safe

A great method of burglar deterrent is to use a safe.

This can ensure that your valuables, money, or any objects you find important are locked up and out of sight. Without the combination, any burglar or thief will be unable to access the goods.

With no reason to stay, they’ll hopefully leave your premises quicker than they arrived.

Keep records

This tip may seem excessive, but it can provide some extra stability and support in the way of burglar deterrent.

Keep a record of your valuables. This means taking inventory and putting it into a spreadsheet or keeping a written record of it.

With the record, you’ll be able to tell quickly if things go missing.

Additionally, you can take out insurance on your valuables. This can help you combat any losses that may occur if a thief makes their way into your home.

Monitor deliveries

If you’re going on a trip for any extended length of time, make sure to call your mailman and put a hold on your mail.

If this isn’t available, have a trusted family member or friend swing by every day and grab it.

Burglars are often tipped off by uncollected mail and newspapers. If you’re on a trip or otherwise unable to collect it, you want to make sure that it doesn’t accumulate.

Use the garage

Our final tip for burglar deterrent is a simple encouragement to use what many homes already have: the garage.

While it’s easy to revamp your garage into a studio, or a room space, you should really be using it for its intended purpose: to store your car.

Burglars often premeditate prior to entering someone’s home. This means that they’ll actively watch your home to try and get a handle on your schedule.

This doesn’t mean that they’ll be camped out in front of your driveway for days, but they’ll likely drive by and see when you’re home and when you’re not.

If you leave your car in the driveway, that’s a sign that you’re home. If you put it in the garage, it’s much more difficult to tell.


When it comes to keeping your home and family safe, you don’t want to spare any expenses.

Keeping burglars out of your home is easy to do with the proper equipment and mindset, and it’s worth it for your own peace of mind.

Keeping your doors locked and installing a security system can do most of the hard work for you.

Questions about home security? Feel free to contact us.

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