Honeywell IPCAM-WI2 Wireless Wifi IP Security Camera Total Connect 2.0 Ready


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The Honeywell IPCAM-WI2 is a fixed IP WIFI security camera supported by AlarmNet’s Total Connect service. It is the white one, but black ones are also available. This service is $10 a month if you already have monitoring service with us or $20+ a month if you want the camera service only. Anyone can add this camera to their home or business as long as they have high speed internet with the correct upload speed.

You will need an AlarmNet video service account if you want these to work. If you already have a Honeywell security system, and you are using the Total Connect service to remotely control your system, you can integrate your IPCAM-WI2 security camera with the same Total Connect account. From your Total Connect web based account or smartphone application, you will be able to turn your security system on or off and remotely view your property.

You can also use the IPCAM-WI2 as a standalone video surveillance system if you don’t have an existing Honeywell security system. The fixed IP camera does not physically integrate with any security system so anyone with high speed internet service can use it.

One feature that is pretty cool with these cameras is that you can have 6 of them at 6 different locations and view them on the same total connect app. You can also move them when ever you want to new locations. As long as they connect to the internet you will be able to set them up again.


Anyone can install a fixed IP security camera. Use a wired connection to your router or utilize the WiFi feature of it to wirelessly connect to your router. If you choose the wired connection, you will need to connect an Ethernet cable. Available from an open port on your router to the LAN connection on the back of the Honeywell IP camera. You should not apply power to the camera using the power transformer until after connecting the Ethernet cable.

Total Connect

Once you are signed up for a Total Connect video account and have installed the video cameras. Access and view your home or business from any computer or smartphone that has an active internet connection. Each Total Connect video account supports up to (6) AlarmNet security cameras. You can use any mixture of IPCAM-WI, IPCAM-PT, and IPCAM-WO as long as you do not exceed (6) total cameras. The Total Connect video service allows you to stream live footage of your home or business.

You can also set up your Total Connect video account to grab short video clips every time it detects motion. The (10) second video clips store on your web based account and even send instantly to your email. Total Connect can store up to 100 of these 10 second clips at a time. So your recording history could cycle every day or maybe once a month. All depending on the activity and how many cameras you have.


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